Pilar Sanders may be living like a princess but she has come at a very steep price. The 39 years old became famous for marrying the now 45 year old Football star Deion Sanders. For the 14 years since they were married, it never ever seemed like things would turn out ugly. The gorgeous mother of her two boys, Shilo and Shedeur, and one girl, Shalomi, is or rather was also the step mother to Deion Sander’s elder child Deiondra who is 23 years old and Deion Junior who is her 21 year old brother. She has already been in two celebrity relationships.

The divorce between her and her legal husband Deion Sanders is yet to be finalized but he has already dented her. She has lost custody off all her three biological children to Deion Sanders and the reason behind it is easy to guess. Given that she has no steady income, it was expected that she could not care for any child of her. That however is my genuine opinion, may be this might not be the reason.. It is hard to tell whether it has sunk in her yet that she might only get limited access to her children. For a mother, that is a really nasty turn of events, practically, she has lost everything that matters.

She is seen as being materialistic given that her divorce is yet to be finalized and she has already got herself involved with the 44 year old rapper mogul Bryan “Birdman” Williams. Their relationship is no longer a rumor as Pilar uploaded a snap of the two lovebirds on her Instagram page just a few months ago. Sources have confirmed that the relationship of both of them is for real. The two have been friends for and perhaps this is what they would like to call the culmination of true friendship. The reason for her divorce is not so hard to speculate after the current turn of events. After all, she is being given whatever she wants, needs or desires. Birdman is taking care of all her legal fees regarding her divorce and she has been granted access to his yacht and private plane.