There is a fascination with fornication. Every time a rumor is released that a celebrity has a new sex tape people are breaking their necks to find out about it. It it about the fascination with celebrity and their private doings or are people that unhappy with their own sex lives?  Lets take a look at the top 5:




R. Kelly – Now this tape set the world on fire and changed the perspective many people had about R. Kelly. Not only because of the questionable age of some of the participants but some of the many interesting pleasures Kels likes to divulge himself in. People are not always used to seeing the favorite celebrities in sex acts but Kelly’s escapades are well documented.




Ray J & Kim K – Now this is an instance of a sex tape taking two so-so celebrities to complete stardom. Kim Kardashian was relatively unknown and Ray J was always looked at as Brandy’s little brother. After the release of this tape both have enjoy time in the limelight. Kim has hooked up with athletes and rappers, and is now pregnant by Kanye West. Ray J has also received a popularity boost even being rumored to have been dating the late Whitney Houston


Top Five Nicki Minaj Booty Pics Revealed

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Eve & Stevie J – One of the more popular female rappers of our era and the Love & Hip Hop star hooked up before either was as famous as they are now, but some things never die. Eve has always been the more recognized face in the short tape since his recent show Stevie has been identified as the partner she was freaking with. This tape although popular did not really have an major effects on either ones career but it kept people interested.


Tupac – Even though he passed over a decade ago people will never let 2Pac rest. With the recent resurfacing of a tape allegedly filmed in 1991 people are flocking to see whats its all about twenty years later. Although it has become extremely popular as of late, its nothing more than your expected after the concert groupie loving.




Nicki Minaj – Yet to be discovered the rumor mill has been circulating around for this one some time. Even to the with fakes videos starring lookalikes have been release. Check any website and you will see someone alluding to its existance and there are plenty who are curious to know if its true.



Now it will never be know what the extreme fascination is with celebrity sex tapes. It could be that people are curious about celebs and their erotic sides. Possibly its just a side product of the curiosity people have for anything a celebrity does. No one is sure but we do know everytime a tape surfaces, it seems as though a career is reignited .