When will it end? Not soon enough! Cops swarmed George Zimmerman’s SUV and ordered him  to get down on his knees before handcuffing and detaining him, over a  domestic dispute involving his wife. All while it was caught on video

Lake Mary PD released the cruiser dash cam footage to TMZ,  showing a police cruiser rushing down the street and coming to an abrupt stop about a half a block away from George’s car. All of which was going down right in front of the home he and his wife shared, just before she filed for divorce.

Police ordered Zimmerman to the ground to detain him. This all started as George’s estranged wife Shellie called 911, claiming George had threatened her  and her dad inside their home, and holding his hand on his holstered gun. In the 911 recording, she also claimed that Zimmerman punched her Dad in the face.
George was questioned about the incident, but Shellie changed her story to say there was never a gun. George was released without incident.

Get it together now. He’s a live wire.

Check out the Police video below:


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