In the world of tricking, it’s a sad day in Hell when a pimp gets played by his hoe (read: Ice-T & Coco).

Readers feel free to send a bouquet of roses to Chad Ochocinco, who recently shed light on his ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada’s nookie chronicles during their marriage on black media’s headquarters, Twitter.

Releasing the shade of ten embittered women, Ochocinco aired Lozada’s alleged affair with Slim Williams of YMCMB with enough shade to lead others to believe that he may actually be heartbroken over her tryst.

Business partners?

Business partners?

For avid fans of Basketball Wives Miami, if you watched the episode where Slim made a cameo you’ll recall–at least on paper–his business with Evelyn involved financing her book and film deal. But of course, Chad is not trying to hear it.


Somewhere all of Chad’s baby mamas are laughing from their souls, and congratulating Evelyn for not giving two fucks about him.

By Carla St. Louis

Source: HipHopNews24-7