Amanda Bynes is persistent with her rendition of a Black 20-something woman who moonlights as a K.O.D. stripper.

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While Our Favorite Nickelodeon Starlet Gone Amok™ continues to baffle her fans with threats of lawsuits, smoking weed in public places, driving with a revoked license, and accusing people of stealing her identity, the real show is in her impressive transformation from a California blonde to Blac Chyna’s fairer skinned, rebellious younger sister.

Her new look is a stellar piece of pop culture commentary, which brings me to this question: What if Bynes descent into madness is performance art a la James Franco or Joaquin Phoenix’s rap career? Because if that’s the case, she deserves an award.

But I digress.

Despite Miley Cyrus‘ spot on impersonation of Rihanna, Bynes continues to win favor within America’s Black communities by embracing ratchet antics like wearing socks and Adidas sandals in public:

Amanda Bynes

Wearing sweats and Adidas sandals presumably to get some cash from a nearby ATM to cop weed from her dealer:

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes

Proving that she reads Hype Hair Magazine, she re-appropriated an already re-appropriated hairstyle (see: Rihanna):

 Amanda Bynes

And she proved she’s Team #MyExtensionsIrrationallyTouchMyWaist by wearing the longest platinum blonde locks known to man:

Amanda Bynes

Somewhere, she’s learned the art of devaluing the most expensive piece of accessory by pairing it in such a tacky combination that it would impress Dolly Parton:

Amanda Bynes

And she’s become a pro at contouring her face to Kim Kardashian-approved levels:

Amanda Bynes

 Who else is hoping she makes a cameo appearance in the video for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Azealia Bank’s ode to hoodrats, “Ratchet”?

But clearly a White girl still lies within because she does semi-ironic shit like taking photos of paparazzi while they stalk her :

Amanda Bynes

Let this be a cautionary tale to White women everywhere: BBC isn’t for everyone.

By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)


Source: DListed