All may not be what it seems when it comes to darling housewife Rasheeda of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

EXCLUSIVE, The Real Reason Behind K. Michelle & Rasheeda’s Beef: Did Rasheeda Sleep With Memphitz?

While this season of the series finds Kirk Frost behaving like a philandering husband, a characteristic that conflicted with his ‘good husband’ image of last season, viewers may now know where his behavior stemmed from.

According to recent reports, not only did Rasheeda have an affair with Memphitz–which maybe the fueling fire behind her beef with K. Michelle–but she allegedly boned Lil’ Scrappy.

Sidebar: It’s safe to say this show has reached critical levels of ratchetness.

Although the pair affectionately refer to each other as ‘brother and sister’ seen on season one of the series, sources are saying their relationship is more intimate than play-siblings.

Here’s the tea:

According to our insider, it’s no secret to many in their Atlanta circle that Rasheeda and Scrappy have been smashing. That’s why most are reportedly surprised that Kirk would even show up on the set to share a ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ scene with rapper Lil Scrappy.

Rasheeda and Scrappy play the game by calling each other brother and sister, but everybody knows they’re fucking.

Kirk is a twisted dude, but he’s not a fool. He’s not gonna raise a child that isn’t his.

Share your thoughts: If these allegations are true, could Rasheed be the busiest housewife in Atlanta? If Lil’ Scrappy did in fact chop down Rasheeda is he the ultimate slime ball by bringing Erica around her? Is Georgia so small that everyone sleeps with each other’s exes and/or partners? Where in the world did Mona Scott-Young find these people? Can two people of the opposite sex whom refer to each other as ‘brother & sister’ ever have a platonic relationship sans sex? Will Erica Dixon address Rasheeda about this rumor? Who else is anticipating this season’s reunion? Does her behavior excuse his bad behavior?

By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)

Source: DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing