Strippers from Miami are officially having the Best Day Ever™.

Ex-King of Diamonds stripper, Blac Chyna was name dropped in the May 13 issue of In Touch Magazine by Our Favorite Nickelodeon Starlet Gone Amok™ Amanda Bynes.

Let’s all give Blac Chyna an obligatory, “Girl, you’re so relevant.”

Bynes, whose been doing her best interpretation of Blac Chyna’s style to date, only admitted to hijacking her piercings but avid readers of 24HourHipHop know the real tea:

Jessica Finn of Us Magazine: Explain the facial piercings. Do they have any significance?

Amanda Bynes: I wanted to look like [exotic dancer] Blac Chyna.

See, people: If you can leverage a stripping career to reinvent yourself, then transition to a rapper’s baby mama, you too can gain recognition from an unhinged child star.

After bagging Tyga and currently living The Kept Life™ in California, is Blac Chyna The Reigning Stripper Of Miami™?

Am I the only one whose shocked at how influential stripping culture has become?



By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)

Source: In Touch Magazine