By Carla St. Louis

Like the saying goes: ‘It ain’t trickin’ if you got it’ but in Bryant McKinnie’s case it is.

The owner (and father of Trick Daddy), Maurice “Pop” Young filed a lawsuit against McKinnie in an attempt to reclaim his funds on an outstanding debt in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

Little Known Fact: The Vice President of Queen of Diamonds and nan nigga is rapper, Maurice Young b.k.a. Trick Daddy.

What? Did you think he was just living off of residuals? Trick stays eatin.’ Need more people? Ask Trina.

But that’s neither here nor there.

The Baltimore Ravens’ offensive lineman racked up a staggering tab of $375,000 at Miami strip club, Queen of Diamonds and the owner is demanding his pay!

I can only imagine how this money was spent. For some reason (read: common sense) I fail to believe it was incurred on just makin’ it rain on some booty claps. Can you say, ‘private back room shows?’ I know I can.

The debt amassed between February 2009 and September 2010, when McKinnie borrowed the money from Young to make it rain on the club’s big booty strippers.

Let’s allow that comment to marinate. Now, it’s tacky when paupers such as ourselves spend rent money on Team Twerk, but it’s downright déclassé when an athlete (read: someone with wealth) has to borrow money to do the same.

Here’s the dirt:

The rapper’s father and CEO of Q.O.D., Charles “Pop” Young, filed the lawsuit on Monday afternoon.

It’s reported by Young that McKinnie’s paper trail began at your favorite rapper’s playpen for vice King of Diamonds–when he was the general manager. After that, McKinnie began frequenting other clubs at which he was present like the Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club, where Young acts as the vice president.

McKinnie, I see what you did there: If he’s spending lending than you’re gettin’ it borrowing. Sidebar: This idiom was brought to you by 2 Chainz.

Well, there you have it. It goes to show that even athletes are susceptible to trickin’ when Big Booty Judys are involved.

Here’s my two cents: How did Young allow McKinnie to borrow $375K over a 19-month period? Street Code clearly dictates ‘don’t lend the second time until you are reimbursed your cash in full from the first stint.’ Doesn’t Young know this? Or, did he put his hustlin’ mentality aside to appease a celebrity?

Source: DiaryAHipHopStreetKing