Will you Twerk for a full scholarship? Well, If you aren’t into writing essays or doing community service hours to earn money for college then take the easy way out and pull out your best Twerk moves, booty shorts & camera phone and try to earn The Juicy J Twerking Scholarship. Yes people you heard right!!  Memphis rapper, Juicy J has announced on via Twitter, that he will give $50,000 to the “best chick that can Twerk.”


The rapper is known for his strip club anthem Bands A Make Her Dance featuring Lil Wayne,  in reference to saying money will make a woman bring out her best dance moves. Well he’s putting his song to the test and is waiting to see how many girls will actually apply for this scholarship.  Juicy J wrote on Twitter: “I’m giving out a 50k scholarships to the best chick that can twerk.” He then retweeted a message from The Doctor Luke that reads: “@therealjuicyj The Juicy J Scholarship Foundation!!!! Twerk your way thru college. #GivingBack.”

If you aren’t familiar with the word Twerk or Twerking , urban dictionary defines it as: The rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in ones intended audience. 

Earlier this week, the rapper happened to debut a new track called “Scholarship” featuring A$AP Rocky.  So who’s to say this isn’t a plug to promote his new single…..another DJ Khaled publicity stunt. Hmmmm!


Juicy J has since then deleted the tweets and no further details of the scholarship have been released. Maybe he’s trying to figure out if twerking should be consider as an academic, athletic or merit-based scholarship. Or maybe he trying to figure out whether it should be for everyone or excluding all guys from applying.

Juicy J is debuting his first solo album, Stay Trippy on August 27th,  after taking a break from being a member of Oscar Award winning group Three Six Mafia.

Do you think Juicy J is really going to stick behind his word and give $50,000 to the best twerker? Do you think the winner will still have to fill out a FASFA form?  Your opinion matters…Comment on how you feel about this topic?


Source: Twitter

By: ElonKouture