With the release of his latest single ‘Fine China,’ the media has had a field day with C. Breezy as of late, including us here at 24HourHipHop. We are all aware of Chris Brown’s exploits all over twitter within the past several years. Brown has been known for lashing out and taking his anger to twitter when he feels it necessary.

In 2009, he lashed out against the music industry over the aftermath turmoil of the Rihanna incident, then in 2011 he had his fair share of beef with Frank Ocean, and most recently his rants against comedian Jenny Johnson. Despite all the press and not to mention aggravation he put into his twitter frenzy, he always seems to continue to come back. With over 12 million followers, who can blame him?

MTV News recently sat down with Brown and discussed several elements, one being his twitter exploits.

“With me, it’s just that everything I say is looked at under a microscope, so I gotta kinda pull back sometimes even if I wanna be funny, if I’m joking or if I’m just being myself.”

He continued.

“I think if I’m promoting my album or showing people my artwork or showing them the positive stuff that I’m doing, that’s all that’s necessary,” Brown continued. “I think my personal life is pretty much an open book as it is now, but I try to keep some sanity to who I am so I try to stay off of it as much as possible.”

After the release of ‘Fine China,’ Brown has been preoccupied with interviews and promoting the forthcoming album, hence his twitter feed has been full of just that, promotions.

‘X’ has been scheduled to be released this Summer.

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-Zenn Lee

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