Eva Marcille, former America's Next Top Model alumni is making headlines due to her relationship rollercoaster. Eva went to court on March 28th claiming her baby's father aka Kevin McCall had knocked down 4 doors in her home, trying to reach her, and take the baby from her. The judge on the case, agreed that a restraining order should be issued and that's the end.

OR so we thought! Less than one week later, SIX DAYS to be exact, Eva posted a picture of baby daddy beats me, the baby, and herself on IG with the hashtag #FamilyFirst. Now, I'm all for working out your problems and putting family first, but c'mon girl. Doesn't this cause for him to break his restraining order, that you so adamantly fought for? What's really going on here? Was she over-reacting or is she that in love? Domestic Violence is serious, read about Miami Bambii and how she was near death after being beaten:


Ladies and Gentlemen, be careful with these volatile relationships. Love shouldn't come with black eyes, restraining orders, arrests, and/or death.

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