24hourhiphop.com sat down with ILL Times ILL Clothing Company, in an exclusive interview, we find out what inspires these young entreprenuers and what drives their motivation.

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24hour: For anyone who may not know much about your company, please tell them your name and describe your company for them?

ILL: Our name is ILL Times ILL Clothing, we provide Infectious Street Apparel exclusively sold online at www.illxill.com. At the moment we have Zip Up Jackets, T-shirts, and wood-chain necklaces, with many new products to come!

24hour: How long has your company offered designers shirts?

ILL: We started in late August of this year, so we're pretty new to the market.

24hour: What are the inspirations for your designs?

ILL: Mainly, we've been inspired by the Hip Hop Culture. Some of our shirts have Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Drakes lyrics on them. So overall, our inspiration mostly comes from the rap game. We have a lot of designs on deck just waiting to be released!

24hour: What separates you from other companies who offer similar products?

ILL: I would have to say our designs alone separate us. We've seen a lot of clothing lines similar to ours, but we believe our individual designs themselves separate us from the others.

24hour: What are the names of those designers who create for your company?

ILL: We'd rather not give out our designers name. Basically, me and a friend run the company and we both handle everything. We have two employees who pack orders and fold shirts but as for everything else me and my friend handle it. Ex. graphic design, web design, communications, product management, inventory, etc.

24hour: Who do you feel are your biggest competitors and why?

ILL: Our biggest competitors? Hmm, I'd have to say Diamond Supply, DGK and Dope Couture. Our designs aren't all that similar but that's the route we're looking to take. All those companies sponsor rap artist and skaters, which we have also been doing. I guess you could say we'd like to get on their level one day.

24hour: Are you inspired by other designers in this business, if so, who are they and why?

ILL: Not really, we're inspired but we want to be original. I've found out that when you're inspired by other artist you usually end up copying or designing something similar to what they already have. We try and stay updated with the Hip Hop culture as much as possible and come original off what we get from it.

24hour: Where can people find out more about your company?

ILL: To find out more about our company and to stay posted you could Like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/ILLxILL-Clothing/183301611741883 or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/illxillclothing.

24hour: Is there anybody you want to send a special thanks to?

ILL: Big Cartel and Paypal! Haha. Truly, they're foundation to our company.

24hour: How was the decision made to start a company like this one?

ILL: Me and my business partner were huge Hip Hop enthusiast, so we wanted to be apart of the whole movement and provide other Hip Hop enthusiasts with apparel. So we came up with ILL Times ILL Clothing and went with it!





For more of their latest designs check them out at www.ILLxILL.com


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