24: The very first time we chopped it up and did an interview together was back in 2007 for the “Next In Line” section. A lot of things has happened in your career since then but looking back for a minute did you ever think you would be where your at now and what would you say were some of the key things that has helped you succeed to this point?

Ghostwridah: I always felt like I was going to win and be successful, but If you would have told me I would work with Dr. Dre this early in my career or that me and someone like Don Cannon would have a great working relationship I would’ve never believed you. As far as some of the things that has helped me; Persistence, patience, and an great understanding of how relationships work. I credit my success (so far) to that and of course God up above.

24: You have built up quite a resume for yourself through out the years with projects such as “The Ruler’s Back” to “305’s & Heartbreak”, “In Love With My Future”, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Jack Move” and now “American Alien” so tell me what pushes you to take everything to another level with each project from the music to the artwork, videos, etc?

GhostWridah: I guess I’m just really competitive in a sense. I compete with my self with ever release. I also feel it’s important to show growth on every project. I don’t want to put out an LP that feels like the previous one. That’s sort of cheating your fans, especially the ones who pay for music. I feel like those who support me deserve something new and unexpected whenever I put out music or a music video.

24: After dropping a great project such as “In Love WIth My Future” and the hype that was surrounding your single “Red Bottoms” did you feel any pressure going into to making “American Alien”?

GhostWridah: No, not at all. I knew I was going to outdo “In Love With My Future” by miles. “Red Bottoms” was and still is a great record but I feel I have stronger records on this new LP than I had on the previous one.

24: How did you come up with the name “American Alien” for this project and what did you want to accomplish with this project?

Ghostwridah: The title was inspired by a conversation that I over heard Lupe having. He’s a deep dude and has some incredible political views. I wanted to touch on some issues that I felt America as a WHOLE was having as well as show a more personal side of myself which I hadn’t done on prior releases. I discuss everything from relationship issues to our economical status as a country. It’s a very wide range of subject matter on this LP which makes it easier for everyone to have a favorite song.

24: Who are some of the artist that’s featured on “American Alien” and did records such as “Window Cracked” Ft Freeway and “The Money” Ft Steven Clark make the final cut of the album?

GhostWridah: I always do features with people that I happen to be fans of. I worked with my fellow Poe Boy brothers, Billy Blue and Jase as well as Freeway, Paul Wall, Mann, Shonie, The Strangerz, and Carlyle Anderson. Window Cracked definitely made the cut although “The Money” did not, it’s still a great song!

24: Your definitely known for having a certain sound with all of the records you have put out so let’s talk about the production side of  “American Alien” and let the readers know which producers are officially apart of your production team and which producers worked side by side with you to help once again take your music to another level for your latest album?

GhostWridah: Well, everyone knows Lowkey is my main producer. I usually start the albums off by constructing a particular sound with him and from there we usually reach out to the rest of the team and let them know what the sound is.  The producers on the L.Y.F.E. are Lowkey, Rem and Oktober 1st who recently joined the team and was a former Maybach Music Group producer. All three producers contributed to “American Alien”. I also reached out to Slot A, Phoenix and DJ Corbett who are all extremely talented guys with great vision.

24: If you was only able to play 1 record for me from your new album “American Alien” which would it be and why?

GhostWridah: That’s a though one because If I played you one, you’d more than likely want to hear them all (laughs). If I could only play one, I’d play you “The American Dream” just because that sums up so much about my self as well as the state of our country. It’s definitely one of my favorites on the album. 

24: You and Don Cannnon have created some undeniable chemistry judging by records such as “Red Bottoms” and “Crazy” so can the fans expect to see you and Don Cannon knock out a mixtape together in the near future?

GhostWridah: That’s very possible. Dons ready to do it any day. My problem is I think releasing music with a DJ takes away from the intimacy of the music. It’s hard to concentrate on what I’m saying if you’re trying to listen to the DJ and my raps. Don Cannon and I speak on a regular basis and we’re definitely going to make more music together. We have a great relationship and I can truly say he’s a credible, stand up guy.

24:  Years from now when it’s all said and done what would you like for fans and music lovers as well as critics to say you brought to the music world?

GhostWridah: Inspiration and honesty! If you hadn’t noticed, I make music for people who aspire to BE. All of my music, even when I’m bit a bit braggadocios has some type of uplifting message in it. I mean pay attention to my songs such as, “Victory”, “So Alive”, “Bright Lights”, “Bandwagon”, “Look At Me Now”, “Crazy” or “Larger Than Lyfe” the list goes on. I really just want the people to know I stood for something and that I made music for them and their everyday lives.

24: As a writer I have been blessed to be able to see the growth and come up of a lot of artist and it is definitely a pleasure to sit back and see you take your music to new heights and so I just wanted to ask you what’s next for GhostWridah at this point?

GhostWridah: Definitely looking to continue doing more shows, touring and giving my fans and supporters some music videos for “American Alien”. Not to mention finally making the transition from internet buzzing to major media publications, which I’m extremely excited about. Also looking to get back in the studio in the summer and start work on another project, possibly an “American Alien 2”.  I have so much in the works, I’m just blessed to see it all come to fruition.

24: Before we go is their anything you want to say to the readers?

GhostWridah: Trust God, have faith and never give up on yourself, even when the world does, keep FIGHTING! (L)ive(Y)our(F)uture(E)veryday!

Photos By: David Cabrera

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