24: It’s been a year since you jumped on the music scene with your first album self titled “Jeremih” to your new album “All About You” so tell me what was the process like for you going into your second album compared to your first album?

Jeremih: The recording process was entirely different. During my first album “Jeremih” I had just met my partner who produced the entire album with me and we were in college and we were making a lot of those records for fun. We wasn’t thinking about which record was going to be a #1 single or which song the ladies would love the most to which one will the label approve for the album as first single for radio. For the second album “All About You”, I recorded it in St.Louis compared to my hometown in Chicago and as far as my mind set goes I knew who I am as an artist and what type of records and sound I wanted to have and put out to the world. I thought to myself like I put out a big record before on my last project and I’m going to put out another big record with my second project. That was really my mentality going into making this album.

24: With the second alum did you feel any pressure because your single “Birthday Sex” was so big and so well supported by the radio, Internet a d fans all over?

Jeremih: No, I didn’t feel any pressure because going into my second album what ever spark I had I felt like I still had it and I was still able to make more great records again and again.

24: Your new album “All About You” Is good very well Powered by your single “Down On Me” Ft. 50 Cent is almost Gold so tell me how did that record come about?

Jeremih: I did the record on my own at first and knew it could be a huge record if it had the right feature on it. I actually did my first verse where I’m  saying “Let’s go and take nine shots, let’s call it 50” without him even on the record. My manager got the record to him and when he heard it he felt the same way that I did about it and the rest is history. Shout Out to the whole G-Unit.

24: You also did a hot collaboration with another G-Unit member Lloyd Banks for his second single from his album called “I Don’t Deserve You” which seems to be the ladies favorite right along with “Down On Me”, so tell me what’s the response been like when your performing those two records on the road? 

Jeremih: Man, the ladies are signing both songs word for word and I’m more than happy with the outcome of both records.

24: Speaking of collaborations is their anyone that you have not worked with as yet that you would love to get in the studio with for Your next project?

Jeremih: Definitely, R.Kelly and he recently hit me up and came through the studio just to hang out and it turned into us making music together so expect to see Jeremih and R.Kelly together on a record very soon.

24: From your experiences so far in the industry What advice would you give to An up and coming artist with the hopes and dreams if one day landing a record deal?

Jeremih: I think believing in yourself and making great music are the keys. I think once you do those two things “Sky’s the limit” to what can happen with your career.

24: Is their anything outside of music that you have a passion for?

Jeremih: Acting is something I will definitely be getting into very soon. Right now I’m currently reading a few scripts so look out for me in a few up coming movies soon.

24: Years from now what would you want the fans to say that Jeremih brought to the music world?

Jeremih: I want every one to say I put my all into my records and I brought fun records that people enjoyed. I would love for people to say i brought timeless music to the game.

24: what’s the best way for the readers to keep up to date with you?

Jeremih: Follow me on Twitter at @Jeremih and my official website is Jeremih.com(www.Jeremih.com) for all updates, videos, and shows. My album “All About You” is in stores now if you don’t have it as yet make sure you pick it up.

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