24-Since 1993 you & the members of Bone Thugs n Harmony have been captivating  us with your sound and originality. How
does it feel to still be touring and still be making music that still touches audiences around the world.

LB-Man it feels absolutely great to have a career that has spanned almost 2 decades, 18 years to be exact. I consider myself and Bone to be blessed with a purpose and message of inspiration and harmony that has allowed us to be successful around the world. its a surreal feeling. Im thankful.

24-Your Brand New Solo album ” The Definition” which is set to be released FEB 22 2011 marks your 12th solo project tell me
a bit about how this album differs to your previous albums and what Can the fans expect.

LB-I actually have two records coming out Feb 11, 2011 The “Definition” & “The Meaning”. These records will definitely be the classics of my solo career. I put a lot of thought and time into these albums the fans can expect a well rounded body of work, feel good/real nigga music. I want people to walk away feeling they purchased quantity and quality music for the ages.

24-Recently you took to the Internet and released several new remixes to some of today’s hottest records such as Rick Ross “Aston Martin Music” Eminem’s “No Love” and Wiz Khalifa’s Black n Yellow. What made you decide to work on these remixes and should the fans be expecting a mixtape?

LB-I decided to go the remix route because its a great way to garner attention for the new records, great promo avenue. I had the the new song coming out on DJ Kay Slay’s new record called “60 second Assassins” ft, Bussa Buss, Twista and Jaz O and i felt it was the perfect time to start my campaign. The mixtape is coming Jan 15th 2011 for free, its a gift before the actual record release entitled “MR. BIll Collector” 2011.

24-Your latest song “If i can’t do it” has been burning up the Internet as of late. Tell me abit about the record and where
the inspiration came from.

LB- If I Cant do it” was inspired by the nay sayers and playahatas that want to count out BTNH like its over for us but at the same time these are the ones that’s using all of the elements of BONE, Fast rapping, singing, harmonies etc but making it pop and material driving. its my example of real nigga music originator style.

24-Back in September there was incident that took place with fellow group member Krazie Bone and for a second the world  thought BTNH were over but less then a month later the group was together again and on a “EST 1999” Tour how is the groups relationship now adays.

LB- The group is fine. what people have to understand is Bone is not a put together group. we are truly family through blood and real friendship before music. We have problems and disfunction in our family like everybody else. we settle and resolve our difference all the time. I think that time it just got to the public a lil faster than usual. But trust me were good.

24-On tour you made a stop in Miami and it marked the first time the group had performed in South Florida in over 15 yrs how was your Miami show in your opinion.

LB- Miami was off the hook. Miami is one of my favorite cities in the whole wide world, although we hadn’t performed there in 15 years please believe I been on vacation in the MIA.

24-Tell me a bit about “Mo thugs” and its current artist’s line up. As many know you are the CEO of that label & over the years
the label reached success and still remains relevant. What are your plans for Mo Thugs in 2011.

LB- Mo Thugs has been under reconstruction for a while now. The new and improved MTF brand has been revamped into Harmony Howse Ent, our roster consist of Felecia, The Howse Boyz, (myself, Flesh, And baby brother Stew Deez), Big Sloan, LDT, (Thin C, Dre Ghost, L-Burna) Ken Dawg, Dirty Red,Loose Screws, Trilogy and a host of others I’m hoping to work with like Tha Bizness, Snow the Product, West Crav, theres alot to look out for, Mo Thug will definitely be active 2011.

24-What happen to the situation with Full Surface and Swizz beats?

LB-Full Surface and Bone Thugs had a one album arrangement that was a very lucrative deal for both parties. Working with Swizz Beats was definitely an Honor  Strength N Loyalty was a great venture that won us an American Music Award, Platinum single and record.

24-What is one of the most important things you have learned from the music industry that you can share with other
upcoming artist’s looking to succeed in the business.

LB- The most important things that I’ve learned in this business is first and foremost is to always stay true to yourself and always make the music that you feel in your heart. Also knowing your business and having a good team (management, attorney, accountant,) etc, is vital to having success in the music/entertainment industry. stay focused and determined.

24-Who are some of Layzie Bones personal favorite producers past or present?

LB- Some of my favorite producers are Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre, Teddy Riley, JImmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Swizz Beats, DJ Uneek, Thin C and many many more.

24-How does it feel to still be trying to reach many more levels in the music business while already considered a legend.

LB- it feels good to be acknowledged and recognized but I by far don”t consider myself a legend yet.  I feel as if I’m just getting start and part two of my legacy. I have alot of work to do. A legend to me is Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones ETC.

24-Besides The New album is there any other business ventures you are currently working on or planning to dabble into in the near future?

LB-Be on the look out for Harmony Howse Ent, New Web Site is HarmonyHowseent.com my last name is Howse so I’m building my Howse brand from music to apparel. Howse coats Howse Shoes my sleep wear for Layzie Pajama’s and Laygerie my Lingerie line for the sexy laydies. and also working with Flesh on his new company FBG Flesh Bone Global.(fleshnboneglobal.com) I have a book of poetry soon to be released call “Invisible Ink” Ahain i will be very active.

24-Before we conclude this exclusive interview please tell your fans where they can hear all you new music and stay on top of everything LAYZIE BONE!!!

LB-HarmonyHowseent .com is where you can find out everything Layzie Bone and Bone Thugs N Harmony. Much love God Bless. Peace and Blessings to all. Happy Holidays.