With the huge success of of Wiz Khalifa indie label Rostrum Records has been able to grab the attention of the music world and with that attention Rostrum Records is looking to take full advantage. Already creating a bit of a buzz for himself after releasing his project “K.I.D.S.“, Mac Miller is definitely that next big artist on the rise.  Mac Miller was also recently named to XXL Magazine 2011 Top 10 Freshmen Class and has followed that up with his latest mixtape “Best Day Ever” so it was only natural that I got together with Mac Miller for a sit down interview to talk about his rise to stardom.

24: Introduce yourself to the readers and let them know where your from?

Mac Miller: I go by the name of Mac Miller and I’m from Pittsburgh,PA.

24: Growing up who would you say were some of your biggest influences and who would you say was your most influential person that made you say to yourself “You know what I’m going to start rapping and become an artist”?

Mac Miller: Growing up I had all different type of influences like the Beatles to Bob Marley, A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast. But that artist that made me want to start writing and freestyling would definitely have to be Big L!

24: I’m definitely happy to hear you say because Big L is very underrated and I’m happy to see that his music is not being forgotten and he is still inspiring new artist until this day.

Mac Miller: I feel like Big L is one of those cats that if your listen and study Hip-Hop and appreciate lyrics then you should love Big L because that’s what he was all about.

24: How would you describe your Sound & Style?

Mac Miller: I would describe it as like a growth. I think that’s one thing about me that’s interesting is that I’ve been putting gout music since I was 15 and everyone got to watch me grow up from the clothing to my music and become more mature. I just make and want to put out cool music. Whether it’s a cool Hip Hop record or a cool ass party jam. In the studio I don’t put boundaries or limits on myself, I just try to do everything I can see what comes out.

24: For the readers that’s been sleeping under a rock and have not heard about you before let’s bring them up to speed and tell them about some the projects you have released so far?

Mac Miller: When I was 15 I put out this mixtape I did in the basement and recorded it on Garage Band called “Macking Aint Easy”, you can’t find that anymore but it was my very first mixtape. I was went on and joined a group and we put out a project followed by my first official solo mixtape when I started getting a little bit of fans. Then came “The Jukebox” around June.1st in 2009 and on Dec.15th I dropped “High Life”. But it was in Aug of 2010 when I released “K.I.D.S.” that my fan base really took off.

24: How did you get the get the attention of indie label Rostrum Records?

Mac Miller: If your doing music in Pittsburgh you know about Rostrum Records, those are the dudes that are doing things for real and challenging the boundaries and going places. So when I was really young I of course I wanted to get signed to Rostrum and I would tell them to check out my stuff and obviously that never works(lol). But at the same time as I started grinding and not giving up they saw that I really want it and they took notice. We started building a good relationship way before I ended up signing to them and around the time I was putting out “K.I.D.S.” I was talking to a few people about what should be my next move and I mentioned to them that when it came down to it I really would just rather be an Artist under Rostrum Records and they made it happen. It really was that simple. I think that’s the whole thing about being apart of Rostrum Records you don’t have the stress of putting out a certain of music and doing things you really don’t want to do as an artist. It’s really like being around family and putting out good music at the same time.

24: Your most recent project out now is “Best Day Ever” so let’s talk about that for a moment?

Mac Miller: The type of music that’s on it is very different than my previous stuff and this time around I was a lot more involved with the production side of things. It was done by our in-house producers and we created a sound for this project. I love “K.I.D.S.” and it was fun doing but I really wanted go a another route for this project and keep growing as an artist and I’m really excited about it. I think it was a real nice step from my last project.

24: Any last words before we go for the readers?

Mac Miller: Just thank you, thank you to everyone for listening with an open mind and thank you guys for the interview. Thanks to Pittsburgh, Rostrum Records and everyone that’s supporting me.

Download Link: Best Day Ever

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