Cee Lo Green was involved in a fight with two women in Miami Beach in July 2011 which ended with cops rushing to the scene, and Cee Lo claims he was the victim.
According to Miami Beach Police, the women told cops they met Cee Lo at a nightclub and were invited back to party at the singer’s hotel room. One of the women began to argue with Cee Lo and according to the police report Cee Lo asked them both to leave. Cee Lo and a witness told cops both women were highly intoxicated.
Cee Lo escorted one of the women out of the room by placing his hands on her shoulders. One of the women then called him a “fat motherf**ker,” to which he responded, “You need to leave, bitch.”
The parties hen took the argument outside — Cee Lo says the woman began to pummel him with punches and slaps to his face and they began fighting. According to witnesses the other woman jumped Cee Lo from behind and started striking him in the head.
Police were called, but determined it was mutual combat and no one was arrested.


Source: TMZ