Nick Cannon’s Shame:

 It looks like Nick Cannon is still trying to prove himself worthy of an actual celebrity and decides to do it big.

He tries to celebrate is special day both on the East and the West Coast… According to Bossip only Chilli and his wife came out support him at his party in New York… That’s better than nothing right?

Flying across country to do another celebration at Universal Studios in LA Cannon was greeted by those from the D-List, up-comers, and of course his woman.. What a good wife.

Chris Brown Keep’s It Real:
I’m not going to lie… Chris Brown did keep it real …  I’m sure many celebs deserted him over his situation with Rihanna and it probably did include Usher… So the most respectful thing to do Chris Brown say’s is keep it cordial but when comes to friendship… ummm keep it moving!