Chris Brown To Apologize On Oprah?

We all have been wondering when and how Chris Brown and Rihanna will publicly address their battery case. The two have been reunited that is for sure but now we are all waiting on some kind of excuse or apology or something! Well it is coming out now that we may be getting some words from one of the two troubled stars as Chris may be making a high profile appearance on one of TV’s most respected talk shows.  Although their story may be more fit more for Jerry Springer if rumors prove to be true it will be going down on none other than hip hop’s #1 hater herself, Oprah Winfrey!

Rihanna herself was rumored to be appearing on the Oprah show in February after the story and beating first broke. However she declined the offer but apparently did not keep it out of her mind completely. Word is that Rihanna is the one demanding that Chris go on Oprah and apologize to her in front on millions of people worldwide. Sources near the situation have this to say.

 “Rihanna has been talking to Oprah Winfrey on a regular basis since late February when Oprah begged her not to take Chris back. She’s been having second thoughts about them being back together.”

The source says that Rihanna feels if Chris would do this it would be a true show of sincerity in his apology and their making up.

“Agreeing to go on Oprah’s show and tell the world how sorry he is will help make up her mind.”

So far it is not yet confirmed if Chris is willing to go appear on the Oprah show but the bottom line is he has to do it somewhere and the Oprah show is just as good a forum as any.  I wonder how hard Oprah would go on him? Do you think Chris should go on TV and apologize or just keep it all in the family and handle this privately?

Jadakiss Retires?

Al Qaeda Jada has been holding us down for a minute now. Ever since B.I.G. was alive Jadakiss has been considered one of the top spitters in the game. Solo albums as well as being one of the members of one of hip hop’s most respected groups, The Lox, Jadakiss has earned millions of fans and the respect of all his peers. Mixtapes and guest appearances are how he has mainly kept his name floating in the game and right  now he is currently gearing up for his third release, The Last Kiss.

However as said before Jada has been around for a minute now. B.I.G. died in 97’. It’s now 2009. Word is that Jada is telling those close around him that if this album doesn’t pop off and do big numbers he is leaving the game altogether and retiring from rap.  Apparently Jada feels that although he is highly respected, he is on the way to becoming one of those guys that everyone knows can rap good but doesn’t sell any records or have joints poppin on the radio (Ex.  Basically every NYC rapper out right now). Jada is telling folks it is better for him to leave now while he still has the rank he does before he turns into just some dude releasing records to sell a 100k copies  and relying on industry relationships to keep his name on the mainstream scene (Ex. Fat Joe). 

Although I am a huge Jada fan and I hope this isn’t entirely true, I do feel him on this point. Jada should be one of the top rappers in the game, industry and sales wise. But life isn’t fair and  he’s not.  So in conclusion if you’re a Jadakiss fan get your ass out and April 7th and cop that Last  Kiss album, or it could be his last kiss for real.

Jim Jones’ Wife In A Sex Tape?

Aww when friendships go bad.  Max B and Jim Jones used to be tighter than super glue however that was a long time ago. The two have been warring over the internet through Youtube style video clips for the past year or so. They accuse each other of everything from swagger jacking to industry blackballing to just plain out being drunk and calling each other faggots. Now though it looks like Max B is trying to pull out his ace card on Jimmy.

Max just released a video with him announcing that soon we will be seeing a sex tape of him and Jim Jones’ fiancé together. Max says the video was recorded while the unknown woman and Jones were together and that he has it on his camera phone. In the video Max appears to be highly intoxicated and is surrounded by goonies such as French Montana and Philly repper Young Chris.

I don’t know about this one. Could Max just have been inspired by the recent 50 Cent chess move of the Brooke tape and wants a little shine or do you think this supposed tape is legit? Check out the vid below and decide for yourself.