Dame Dash A Dead Beat Dad?

Dame Dash has had his fair share of baby mama beef. Child support payments are the main factor but there has also been some just ‘he ain’t shit’ accusations thrown at the man as well by his 17 year old son’s mother. The latest comes right after their son, Boogie, made his debut as a DJ at a prominent NYC hotspot. His mother claims that Dash is irresponsible and has not made Boogie go to school since he started living with the former mogul, instead allowing him to stay out late and be in the nightlife scene.

Boogie has apparently missed more than a month straight of school which prompted the school’s officials to inquire to his mother. Word is Dame has already come out and admitted he needs to tighten Boogie up and that the boy will return to school immediately. If he is there now who knows…

Dash needs to get it together on this one. Isn’t this the same son who brought some of his pops weed to school and got him arrested like 3 years ago? Not a good look. Honestly though I must say for Boogie I’m sure it’s pretty sweet. When I was 17 if I wasn’t in school, I damn sure wasn’t gonna be in no nightclub the same night! What a life…

Diddy Blackballs Kim?

Kim’s been bitching. She does NOT like the new Biggie movie, Notorious, and how she is portrayed in it. She is letting everyone know about how she feels, even threatening to “expose Ms. Wallace”, whatever the hell that means. Well now word is she has crossed the line and her former mentor and boss may be now working against her.

We have all heard of the infamous Diddy blackball. When he tells the industry bigwigs not to fuck with you, they listen. Just ask The LOX. People are saying that is what is going to happen to Kim if she doesn’t shut up and go with the program. A main character in the film challenging it’s authenticity does not look good and Diddy has a lot invested in this film and wants it to be as big as can be. Diddy is running up in buildings and letting everyone know Kim is a traitor and is not to be trusted in doing business with.

Hopefully for Kim’s sake this isn’t true but if it is I can see why. She shouldn’t have gone against the film and especially should not have disrespected Biggie’s mother. That’s an automatic slap. She is also making it easy for Diddy to tell people she’s not loyal, because she is behaving in a very unloyal manner. Get it together Kim! Maybe all that botox is leaking to her brain…? Just a theory.

Bow Wow Jacks Mike Epps?

This one is a tale of the tape. We all know some men love big women. One that I didn’t expect though who has professed his love for the fatties recently is Bow Wow. Bow Wizzle Dizzle Shizzle Nizzle released a web video of “Big Girls” last week. In the clip Bow dances on hefty weights and tells them all to come to the dance floor.

And…? Well the only problem is Mike Epps released the same track with even the same beat a year ago! Mike also apparently loves the big ones and let it be known via his web video. So why is Bow Wow jacking Mike Epps? No one knows yet but peep the videos below and let us know what you think…