Guess who’ll be receiving free Tommy Hilfiger well into 2013? Ms. Rit Ora!

World around the block, is Rihanna 2.0 slept with Tommy Hilfiger’s son, Rich Hilfiger. What a befitting name, right? But I digress.


Rita Ora & Rich Hilfiger

Rita Ora & Rich Hilfiger


Here’s the tea on part two of Rita’s nookie chronicles:

We’re talking about Rita Ora, who’s reported to have cheated on Rob K with Rich Hilfiger, son of that Tommy designer. That’s right, Tommy Hilfiger’s son — But, according to Rob, Hilfiger Jr. is far from being the first! And here’s what MouthToEars is reporting: “Tommy Hilfiger’s son Rich, is a fucking pot head. Rich Hilfiger is one of them white dudes who acts totally urban. The spoiled kid pretends to be a rapper, and he fucks all them coke’d up hos.”

First, Jonah Hill, and now Rich? Now only 18 more participants to go to confirm Rob Kardashian’s shady claim that the Roc Nation starlet bedded a whooping “20” guys during their relationship.
Source: DiaryOfAHollywoodStreetKing

By Carla St. Louis (@SheWrites007)