Hmmm…looky looky here. Seems the grapevine is starting to get juicy with succulent rumors swirling about everyones favorite Canadian, Drake and vixen Dollicia Bryan. After a few folks caught them getting “cozy” at Bryan’s birthday this past week, the comfort in these photos are starting to be construed as chemistry. Could it be? They look cute-ish together I won’t lie but DAMN how OLD is she?! What I can say is I know she likes ’em young (she was tied to Bow Wow romantically in 2008). Well, she’s an adult so GET IT GIRL. And if this is true, I’m sure Drake is getting ALL the cool points in the world for this one from the fellas.

Now speaking of Drake’s love interests ::snickers:: ….what in the bloody hell was popping off on Twitter with Rhi Rhi you ask?! Let me direct your attention here:

::snaps and rolls neck:: Looks like blogger Sandra Rose picked the wrong one to f*#k with! After tweeting Rihanna with her “opinion” about Rhi’s recent decision to lift the restraining order against her ex Chris Brown, the Loud singer popped off and responded in true #YOUMAD fashion. After getting the reaction she clearly ASKED for Sandra took to her website and posted, and I quote:

“It saddens and pains me to say that after all these years of
supporting Rihanna unconditionally, the love affair is over. Henceforth,
I will never again mention the name Rihanna on this blog.

When all other bloggers dissed Rihanna and called her “pon de forehead”,
among other insults, I still stood behind that bitch. I posted her
music whether it was horrible or not. I supported her even when her
singing was so off-key, that all the dogs in the neighborhood started
howling right along with her. And this is how she repays me?

I can’t go on…”

::rolls eyes:: B*#!h please with all that okay? Nobody told you to bother Rihanna with your judgemental views. Miss Rose must not have known about that Caribbean tongue. 

I’m glad Rhi told her like it is and I’m very proud of her for practicing forgiveness. I think she knows better than to take him back all on her own. Thanks but No THANKS SANDRA.

Till next time!

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