is claiming that Jason Terry’s trash talking is getting
into LeBron’s head and is seriously affecting his game. MTO is stating
that an ‘insider’ within the Miami Heat squad is stating the facts.

might or might not be true, it might just be hearsay, either way,
LeBron’s game has been off the past two games. Is Jason Terry really
getting at LeBron’s psyche?

According to MTO, an insider is stating that Terry is saying some crazy shit to LeBron during actual gameplay.

The insider explained:

tells LeBron that [his fiancee Savannah] is fucking other players. He
talks about fucking LeBron’s mom . . . [Jason Terry] says whatever he
has to to get under LeBron’s skin.”

True or not, LeBron better
tighten up because tomorrow night (June 12) is Game 6 in Miami and now
it’s seriously “Do or Die” for the Heat.