Jim Jones Sues NYC Police?

Jim Jones and the NYC police department have never had a good relationship. He accuses them of harassing and stalking him and department heads have gone on record confirming that they do in fact target Jimmy along with several other high profile stars in the city. There was even a video going around on the net last year of Jones jumping in front of a gun wielding cop screaming “I am Sean Bell!”, which almost earned him a hot one, and I don’t mean a hit record. Now though Jones is telling people that the unfair treatment by the police has reached new levels and he is forced to take legal action.

Word is Jim and his lawyers are prepping up a multi million dollar lawsuit against the NYC Police Department. Apparently what confirmed Jimmy’s decision on this move is the recent treatment he got at his own album release party.

“I had 2 album release parties this week and police refuse to let me in, even used tactics as far as threatening.”

Jones maintains that while he carries himself in a professional and peaceful manner he is constantly hated on and prevented from doing his business. Jones accuses the coppers of taking some extreme measures to keep him out of the party this past week.

“One of the sergeants  told the club owner if he let’s me in the club that he was gonna punch the club owner in the face.”

It’s not yet known what Jones is asking for in this lawsuit but I imagine it to be at least a couple M’s. Hopefully he can get justice on this one because those cops do need to be taught a lesson. Or executed. Either way works for me, how bout you?

More Nelly And Ashanti Marriage Talk?

Nelly and Ashanti marriage gossip are an almost constant on the rumors circuit. We seem to have an obsession with wanting to see celebrity couples tie the knot and Nelly and Ashanti have been no different. Baby rumors, marriages, and breakups they have all been said about these two. However recently Ashanti herself have an interview in which she hinted very strongly that matrimony was not too far off from her and her man’s mind.  When asked if marriage was coming up soon Ashanti had this to say.

“Absolutely. It’s in the cards for me. I believe that I have a couple more things I need to do before that happens. But it is coming for me”

Hmm? So when might this holy union jump off? The loudest whispers going around are saying a summer 2009 wedding is the most likely. I just wanna be able to come through the reception. Or nah damn that, I wonder what that Nelly bachelor party would be like…EI!