Keri Hilson has had some recent mixed reviews on her leaked remix of “Turning Me On?” Rumors have been flying around that the lyrics in the song are in ways dissing female R&B artists like Beyonce, Ciara, Keisha Cole and even Rihanna.

Specifically, the verse “To The Left??” has been firmly believed to be pin pointed as a pun towards Beyonce. Keri has refused to do any interviews with the press regarding her new album that shall be released on March 23, 2009. However, she did appear on the radio station 100.3 The Beats Music Conference and did confirm again that she was not aiming this song towards any of these named ladies.
She goes on to say how she is a big fan of Beyonce and Keisha Cole and also how Ciara and herself “go so far back”. She explains that the song is dedicated to ‘haters’ in general and that she, herself is part of the fan base for Beyonce. I’m more curious about the truth behind whether or not this song was seriously unintentionally leaked.

The album is getting tons of publicity and there really has been no costly promotion for it. Looks like Keri Hilson may have been prepared and hoping for this type of reaction?

Kanye and Amber’s Relationship a Hoax?

Kanye West was spotted at gay gossip blogger Perez Hilton’s bash on Saturday dressed to impress as usual. The well-groomed Kanye performed five songs off his 2004’s album “College Dropout”. The party was said to be a hit and Kanye appeared to be quite comfortable among Perez and his gays. Just from observing Kanye’s huge grin and ‘casual’ pose in this picture above with Perez, the two seem to be quite excited to be around each other. The funny thing is the entire line-up for Perez’s party was consisted of all women. Perez was quoted saying: “Tonight is all about the ladies. I handpicked everyone this year”. Hmmm, one must wonder how Kanye was considered one of the “ladies” at this party?

Speaking of ladies though, Kanye’s girlfriend Ms. Amber was not spotted at all with Kanye at the fabulous Perez blowout. Perhaps she was at another event where she was considered ‘one of the guys’? By these pictures below, I’d say she defiantly was handling a sexy burnette like one. It has already been speculated that Kanye is really gay and the relationship is a hoax, you take and look and let me know what you think..