Yung Joc is hilarious. This episode starts off right where the last episode left off. Yung Joc is caught in the club cheating with the same girl Karlie found out about the last. Yes, Ms. Piggy, the TellyTubby, and whatever else Karlie is calling her these days lol. They both just start going in on each other in the club in front of everyone. Words I didn’t know existed started flying, i.e “Thotism”, lmfao.

On a sad note, Ms. Deb goes to give her condolences to Mimi for the passing of her father. Mimi just seems like a broken and damaged person. I hope she finds help soon.

On the other side of town no neck, I mean Benzino and his fiancé Altheia have a showcase for her new single and video “Ghetto Love”. Is it a hit, I don’t think so. Anyway, there’s only two weeks until the wedding, hmmmm? This seems a little quick, and Benzino had the bright idea of tattooing this chick on his rib, not her name, I mean her full image! I have a feeling he’ll regret that sooner than later. This fool decides to not have this chick sign a prenup. Mistake after mistake for no neck, lol.

Yung Joc says he’s officially done with Karlie Redd, and the fool seeks advice from Scrappy. One fool, taking advice from another fool, lol. In any case, Yung Joc chooses Ms. Piggy over ‘ole Karlie Redd. On to the next.

When Stevie reaches out to Mimi, she surprisingly shows up, but she doesn’t even take a seat to hear what he has to say. Stevie apologizes for the foul shit he texted her on the day of her father’s passing, but only time will tell if he really means it. As usual Nikko is a topic of discussion, and he tries to warn Mimi that Nikko is a slime ball who’s just on the come up.

I must say Scrappy and Erica are too cute together. There whole Framily (Friends + Family) thing seems to be working. Unfortunately it feels like trouble is just around the corner since Scrappy wants Erica to meet up with his mother to squash that old ass beef. This idiot Scrappy thinks Erica’s debut fashion show is the place for this so called Family reunion. Mama officially lost it! The crazy part is she doesn’t sound half bad. Her plan is to knock Rihanna and Beyonce off their throne, lmfao. Good Luck with that!

While they’re hashing out old shit, Ms. Altheia is looking for the perfect wedding dress for what I see to be a not so perfect marriage coming. She makes it very clear that she wants to own a piece of what Benzino has and a prenup is not part of her plans. As Kaleena moves into a new house Karlie and Rasheeda come over to shoot the breeze and catch up on all the drama going on in the ATL.

I’m excited for Erica and this new clothing line and fashion show, but she didn’t show anything special. All I saw was the typical spandex dresses everywhere, cue in Mama Dee. Mama Dee, Erica, and Erica’s mom all seem to have put the drama aside to move on. I guess blood is thicker than water.

Of course they save the juiciest tea for last, as to keep us watching. Yup, you guessed it the Nikko marriage fiasco. As Mimi asks Nikko if he’s really married, I just started to cringe. This negro is so ugly, I just don’t get the attraction. This is some bullshit. Damn you Mona for ending the episode the same way you ended last week’s. Ya’ll are really trying to stretch these episodes out I see.

Next week’s episode looks like it’s going to be the monster of all episodes. So until next time.

-Crawford Confidentials