Love & Hop Hop Atlanta’s, Mimi Faust caught up with TT Torrez of iPower 92 to discuss Setevie J’s rumored engagement to Joseline, and talks on how things are with Stevie.


“I knew something was going on, I just didn’t know what … we actually started the show maybe a month after I found out about what was going on,” Faust admitted.


When confromted with the rumor if Stevie is really going to marry his artist Joseline, she giggled, “Oh God! Come on. Stop it!”


She added, “The therapy was his idea because he wanted to get back on a page, you know he was still telling me ‘I want my family’ and blah blah ‘this is just business’ ‘This is just work’ ‘Please lets just work this out’ and ‘I love you.’”


I guess we will all find out what’s really what on the upcoming episode next week!