According to TMZ Paris Hilton was arrested Friday night for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas!

Paris was the passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over outside the Wynn Hotel. The driver was arrested for DUI (drug-related, not alcohol) and when cops searched Hilton, they found her in possession of a controlled substance. 

Police say tests confirmed the powder to be cocaine. 

She was arrested and then released.

She now has hired a famous Vegas lawyer who has represented a slew of celebs including David Copperfield, Suge Knight and Vince Neil.

… she insists the purse wasn’t hers. But theres no evidence that she was around any other person with purses.

Paris used the “the-drugs-weren’t-mine” excuse in South Africa last month, after being detained by police.

On to Soulja:

Katt Stacks may desperately trying to hold on to her fifteen minutes of fame… although she has come up with extensive evidence in the past ..this time around were skeptical … she can’t keep doing this forever and how low is she willing to go? Yet… is Soulja Boy that stupid to actually mess around with this chick after everything and then be so dumb as to leave coke around while she’s around????

Here’s what his camp said to Ozone Magazine.

The white powder seen in Kat Stacks video at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead was not cocaine, but baby powder — allegedly planted by Kat Stacks while Soulja Boy was showering. So we checked the tape and tried to look for clues to determine which party is in fact lying. After the jump, we weigh the evidence:

Soulja Boy’s Defense As soon as the world saw video of Kat Stacks alleging him of being a cokehead, most people instantly believed it was fact. It’s like Kat Stacks is some sort of noble authority figure of truth or something. The fact is, Kat Stacks is conniving and desperate for any kind of validation. She was lingering around the 14:57 mark of her 15 minutes and wanted to extend the best days of her life in any way possible. Furthermore, this video doesn’t make sense; if Soulja Boy was doing coke, why would he leave it lined up on a counter and then go take a shower? Most cokeheads aren’t just going to leave their loose coke unattended and ready, especially around Kat Stacks’ nose. There’s no evidence of any cocaine paraphernalia around the crime scene: no rolled up dollar bills, no razors, nothing. Finally, and most importantly, she has absolutely no video of him even near the supposed “coke.”  If it was really cocaine, she could have at least recorded audio of him talking about it or something.