Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Cast

It seems like last night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was all about male unity. Of course the women on this show still can’t get along. This week Willie is out of his old contract and has been in the studio with Ray J and Rich. At one point of the show Ray J was talking about how excited he was to have his single friends back, but I guess he forgot that Willie is of course married and Rich is still dating Moniece. Ray J even went on to say how much he missed Princess and her crazy ways.

Last year you may remember that Fizz and Moniece were having a hard time co-parenting as it seemed that Fizz was the only responsible parent. This season though, that has all changed. Moniece and Fizz are successfully co-parenting their child. So now, Fizz is ready to meet Rich, the other man who will be spending time with his son when he isn’t around. Stay tuned on how this will go down…..

With Moniece back actively in her son’s life, Fizz can now begin to focus on his relationship with Nikki.

Nikki however still loving Fizz is focusing on her upcoming fashion show. Teairra Mari got liposuction and was unable to attend the show. Thank God for Hazel-E who stepped in to help make the show successful

Ok now moving on to the real “tea”…As you know Miles has been in the spotlight for the past few weeks about him and Amber being cousins, instead of in a long-time relationship like their storyline said. Funny think is that everyone and anyone can see that Miles is gay, I guess he and Amber needed that particular storyline to get on the show. Can’t wait to see what happens next in this crazy-cousin-lover triangle with Miles, Milan, and Amber.

Apryl and Omarion are better than ever. She even is planning on joining him on his upcoming tour with Chris Brown to make sure that Omarian isn’t deprived of spending time with his son while the tour is going on.

Willie found out about Shanda, his wife’s, side job…She is a stripper and he has no idea. While out at drinks with Fizz and Nikki, Nikki tells Willie how much she enjoys watching Shanda dance at the club. Of course and argument ensues, but shortly after they cry, kiss, and make up.

Stay tuned for next week’s tea!