By Carla St. Louis

Earlier this month, call girl Jenna Shea shaded penniless hoes from the depths of her soul by posting a photo on Instagram of her hooking money.

Her indirect message to women who are just sleeping around for–gasp!–love: get thee to these dollars least you end up broke for all eternity.

Exhibit A: What strategic bed-hopping gets you.

Apparently, her nookie chronicles are the talk of the town because someone unearthed the identity of her generous sponsor. Apparently, it’s James Hardin! Allegedly, Hardin actually agreed to Jenna Shea’s reported $10,000 an hour, two hours minimum fee. So, trickin’ isn’t just restricted to football players? How does Soulja Boy feel about this purported tryst?

I’ll let the source fill you in on the details.

Niiiiiiik!!! It was James Hardin tricking ‘wit’ Jenna Shea! $20K A DAY for a private jet ride and “extras”.  Hmmm, I think  he can do WAY better for that kinda chedda, but…whatevs! LOLs!!! He’ll be broke  in a year. What do YOU think?  Its crazy to see how all these media outlets  are now picking this story up two weeks after you.  Here is what I don’t  understand.  Jenna’s rate is $300/HR and I know this cause I know her pimp.   Not going to mention her name but its a black girl so Jenna knows I’m  telling the truth.  Why would James Hardin spend 20k on that?  When  she is so much cheaper?  I think the guy is in love.

Somewhere Katrina LaVerne Taylor is as salty as a bag of Salt & Vinegar chips. But I digress.


Source: The Dirty (and more)