By Carla St. Louis

Jenna Shea sure stays active within the black community. After bedding a litany of rappers, hip-hop’s most notorious white Big Booty Judy maybe the cause behind Soulja Boy’s random diss towards the U.S. Army.

Watch: Jenna Shea & Soulja Boy Display Their Love

She’s definitely a card carrying member of the Big Booty Judy Club.

The allegation comes directly from Jenna Shea’s ex-beau, who gave the details on her leaving him after two years while deployed in Afghanistan. The anonymous guy claims Jenna Shea dumped him after he bought her implants for Soulja Boy!

This photo is giving high school vibes.

Read it directly from the source:

 Nik, I never  thought I’d write to this site but here it is… I’ve dated video model Jenna Shea  for 2 YEARS. I took care of this B*TCH bought her +2s so her ass wouldn’t look  like a pear anymore! I basically made her “popular” with her 100k twitter  followers and do you know what the b*tch does? She goes on FACEBOOK to parade  pictures and LEAVES ME FOR F*CKIN SOULJA BOY?? What a piece of sh*t! Too make  matters worse I’m deployed to Afghanistan as we speak AFTER this f*ck says “f*ck  the army troops” Well SB when I see you your getting 2 beat downs you faggot  f*ck you and f*ck that b*Tch too!!! When he leaves you don’t call me!

Now I understand Soulja Boy’s ‘fuck the Army troops’ remark. It was a sneak diss towards Jenna Shea’s ex-sponsor which is mad messy for him. When did dudes start behaving like middle school girls?

Someone sure loves showing off their boo’s accomplishments…

My only question to this entire incident: Where was Diamond during all of this? Weren’t they in a relationship?


Source: The Dirty (more here)