Just in case you didn’t know, Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Porcha Williams has been dating Buffalo Bills player, Duke Williams. On the season opener Porcha decided that it was time for her new man to meet her family, friends, and the RHOA co-stars.

She threw a big, football-themed bash for him. During the party she called Duke her “Trophy Man,” a comment that seemed to piss off Peter.  As we all know Peter should be one of the housewives himself, so of course in true Peter fashion he decided to take to social media to showcase his feelings.

Just in case you were wondering why he was sooooo upset, it’s because Peter and Porcha’s ex-husband, Kordell Stewart are business partners. They co-own the Charlotte bar Sports One.

Now Peter wasn’t the only one who expressed their disbelief in Porcha’s relationship choices, but lately he has been taking jabs at Porcha every chance her gets. It all started last season when Porcha stated that Peter was “sleeping with everyone in Atlanta.” This conversation sparked a war of words that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

Poor Porcha, she just wants to live and be loved. Hopefully she will find her happily ever after with this one. If not, then back to the drawing board she will go.

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