There’s always something going on in Vegas.

Just earlier tonight rumors hit that Floyd Mayweather Jr. and rapper Rick Ross got involved in a face to face altercation with one the grand opening of Club Vanity at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.

The two men have been far from friendly of one another in recent times. With Mayweather being closely associated with 50 Cent, it was only natural that the undefeated fighter from Grand Rapids would somehow find himself caught in the middle of the Ross-50 Cent feud that caused quite a stir. Ross went as far as to say that Mayweather’s money was ‘looking funny in the light’ on his recent CD, Deeper Than Rap.

Reports say that Mayweather went to the club to see his friend Diddy, who was hosting the event, and literally ran into Ross. Things got a little heated at that point and entourages from both parties stepped to the plate before things were eventually calmed down by Diddy himself.

Thankfully nothing more than a little bit of banter emerged from the rumored disagreement but you have to wonder where Mayweather’s mental state is at during a time like this.  He very well could be facing off with Manny Pacquiao this coming March 13th and will need to be fully focused for a fight of that magnitude.

To check out an exclusive photo gallery of both Mayweather and Ross in the club, click below

(Mayweather photo courtesy of TMZ)

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