Looks like Ross new record “Summers Mine” is getting a lot of attention!!! The record dropped even after Jeezy went public saying that he was not sneak dissing Ross in his “Death Before Dishonor” track where he says :

“How you blowin’ money fast? You don’t know the crew / Are you part of the fam? Shit, I never knew / Y’all was supposed to make it hard, this is easy, hoe / “Pull up in that triple white,” I think I’m Jeezy, hoe.”

Jeezy claimed that he would get nothing out of sneak dissin’ Ross and he just simply went in on the track like he do on EVERY track. Everything was calm after Jeezy made his announcement— until now. Hours ago Rick Ross aka Ricky Rozay released a track called “Summers Mine” that has everyone thinking he is sneak dissing Jeezy. Check out this snippet from “Summers Mine”:

“you nigga’s ain’t ready, you nigga’s is petty, you niggaa’s spagetti, bustin’ your meatball, you better be ready.
you throwin’ up sets but you really from Cleveland, fuck bwoy…..
see I broke it down like a quarter key, bitch, I run the south, I’m who you wanna be….
the summa’s mine, every time you turn around they spinnin’ one of mine…
self-made, you just affiliated, you’re a waterboy, really you entertainment….
I’m livin’ large, this nigga’s been a mark, they used his credit cards just to get they rental cars…”

Now lets be real people who else could Ross be talking about? Or maybe he is just “going in” on the track like Jeezy stated a few days ago. Either way it looks like the world of hip hop are in for some hot bars from both artist for the remainder of the summer and maybe even till the new year. Hmmm I wonder how Def Jam feels about all this controversy, after all they are label mates.

Download “Summers Mine”

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