By Carla St. Louis

BET’s President Stephen Hill has a knack for involvement in sexual controversy.

The Interwebs are humming with news that his “alleged” unreciprocated sexual advances towards TJ Holmes  are what led to the seasoned reporter’s termination from the network.

(L to r): Stephen Hill and TJ Holmes

(L to r): Stephen Hill and TJ Holmes

Holmes show, Don’t Sleep debuted on the network  in October 2012 to  an “overwhelming viewer demand for a longer show segment.” Despite a large want for the show, the network later inexplicably shelved it–a month after it aired.

Recently, an insider revealed both T.J. Holmes and “Don’t Sleep” may have been prematurely axed because the former CNN anchor did not cooperate to Hill’s sexual advances!

BET hasn’t been relevant in years – because of their shady dealings. Stephen is a closeted homosexual – there’s nothing wrong with that – however, he causes a lot of disgruntlement at the work place, particularly with the hetero male staff and celebs. I wonder why T.J. Holmes show got axed after a month? They didn’t give it a chance. T.J. Holmes – who’s apparently straight – didn’t play into Stephen Hill’s games of sexual favors for a show.”

This isn’t the first news exposing Stephen Hill as the type of man who uses his position as a tool in sexual coercion–specifically towards male employees.

In 2011, BET producer David K. Far-El openly discussed how Hill blacklisted him from the network after he refused his sexual demands. Far-El candidly discussed his experience in his book, “BET, DBRAD & ME – A Conversation w/ David K. Far-El.”

“If you were a heterosexual at BET in the New York offices, you were basically an outcast…that man (Stephen Hill) destroyed my initial dreams, he ruined my relationship with certain people, ” said Far-El.

“I’m not talking from a homophobic aspect here, I never in all my life felt so uncomfortable around a gay person the way I felt around the current President of BET,” says Far-El, of his Hill in-car experience in which he did not comply with. “When I got out the car, my man gave me this limp wack hand shake, he looked at me with disgust in his face, like he was disappointed — I walked out of BET Friday, the golden child — I came back to BET that Monday, suddenly I was the black sheep.”

In 2010, Jacky Jasper revealed  that an insider named Chaz tipped him off to footage of Hill jerking off Devyne Stephens while T.I. and Diddy sat with their manhoods exposed at the W Hotel.

Holmes is currently freelancing for MSNBC.


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