Swizz Beatz On Coke?

If you haven’t seen it yet there is a pretty interesting video making it’s rounds on the net with Gucci Mane and Busta Rhymes talking about Swizz Beatz and his ‘unusual’ work ethic. Both Gucci and Busta say that Swizz does not sleep and at one point Busta himself speculates that Swizz is “on coke or something”.

Now he does say this in an offhanded and joking manner but you know the internets are still going to make something out of it. So now many people are wondering…how does he stay up for three days at a time? Why is he so skinny? Could this be for real?

I personally think this is just a ripple effect of the whole Soulja Boy on coke thing. In any case though Swizz come out and let us know how you keep that battery going!

Wayne’s Carter IV Blocked By Universal?

We all know putting out music if no problem for Lil Wayne. Dude’s got songs on top of songs just waiting to be released and as soon as he gets out of prison that’s exactly what his camp planned on doing, flooding the world with new music from Wayne just like before he went in. Mack Maine even announced that Carter IV would be dropping the same day he gets out right after the release of his online only release titled “I Am Not A Human Being”.

“Tha Carter IV plans we had and still have are to put Tha Carter IV out the day he comes out,” Mack Maine told MTV News. “He had so many songs for Tha Carter IV, we said let’s just put these 10 songs out [on I Am Not a Human Being] and double-back for Tha Carter IV. He has more songs for Tha Carter IV that are still strong.”

However it is coming out that Universal is putting the axe to those plans and will not allow the Carter IV to be released that quickly. Obviously there would be very little setup for the album if it were to come out the day he is released. No videos, no press and promo runs, no shows, no nothing. Cash Money/ Young Money obviously thinks Wayne doesn’t need all that to sell units but Universal does not agree and as of right now they are at a standstill…

I personally think the album still needs a setup no matter who the artist is. Smarten up Maine!

Kat Stacks In The Illuminati?

If there ever was someone who I believed belonged to a devilish cult it would definitely be Kat Stacks! Kat has been on a tweet rampage lately going at Soulja Boy.  Kat has let it be known she is not here to make friends and only plans on shitting on more rappers. Her last tweet has a lot of people saying though that Kat is on some whole other ish…

Kat put up this tweet:

Which led people to start talking that maybe Kat herself is down with this rumored Illuminati in the industry.  She’s never made any reference to it before but this definitely doesn’t sound like she’s got too much God in her life.
I think this is BS though. I mean if Jay and Rihanna are members do you really think they would accept KAT STACKS’ application?! I mean come on!