Current POTUS receives a boost from “DJs for Obama”

Obama is, it has to be said, a popular president. While Bush suffered from challenges about his intelligence, Clinton about his marital fidelity, and Nixon about, well, his ability to actually be honest, Obama suffers critics mainly in the right wing, or those who maintain that he hasn’t solved all problems simultaneously.

DJs have come out in support of his run for a second term against Republican representative Mitt Romney, by launching “DJs for Obama,” as reported by AllHipHop. The DJs involved are DJ Cassidy, DJ Rashida and D-Nice. They’ve rounded up a considerable number of song-spinners to give their support.

DJ IRIE feels that music has an important role in politics. “I feel music should play the same role as any other media such as television, print, online, etc. If you’re a musician and you want to get your political message out then music is your medium to be able to do that. i.e. Will.I.Am’s ‘Yes We Can.'”

It’s certainly a good point – if you have a platform, then you should make use of it, and that goes for anyone, whether you’re a renowned player or an author. DJ SNS certainly agrees, giving an insight into his use the DJ platform for political discussion. “When I DJ,” states SNS, “I stop the music and encourage the people on how important November 6 is, and please get there and vote.”

Now is indeed the time to get to the polling booth, as without voting it’s impossible to have a leg to stand on when complaining about the new government. To have that choice is important, and seeing so many DJs back Obama is certainly heartening. Hopefully these DJs and their listeners will benefit as much as Obama does from the POTUS’ potential second term.