From 2pac’s famous “Thug Life” Tattoo on his stomach to Mike Tyson famous Tattoo on his face more then ever Hip-Hop artists alike are not only expressing themselves with music but through ink. Artist such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Flo Rida, Birdman, Oschino(Formely of State Property), Plies, Pharell, The Game, Young Jeezy, Jim Jones, B.G., Tyga, Three6Mafia, Jacki-O, Willy Northpole, Young Buck, Cashis(West Coast artist on Shady Records) to even Kanye West(placing his early beat placements on his arm) have joined in. There are only a hand full of artist that don’t have any tattoos such as Jay-Z, Drake and T.I. to name a few that comes to mind. I recently sat down with Miami,FL own Tatu Baby as she began to tell me her story behind his tattoos………

24: What was the first tattoo you got and how old were you at the time?

Tatu Baby: The first tattoo I got was when I was 14 years old.It was a matching Tribal had got with my mother.

24: After getting your first tattoo I know a lot of people say that’s where it start’s but not where it ends, so I wanted to know was it like that for you as well? Once you got your first tattoo done you kept going back?

Tatu Baby: Oh, Yes! Tattoos are very addictive. It’s a form of expression and once you feel that it doesn’t hurt as bad as you thought it would you just seem to keep on going back for more(lol).

24: How many tattoos do you have in total?

Tatu Baby: I lost count a long time ago but I can tell you I have over 20 though.

24: I know people get tattoos to express themselves in different ways from pain to joy so explain the reason behind a few of your tattoos?

Tatu Baby: All of my tattoos represent a stage in my life. For example I huts got my cousin portrait done on my thigh. She passed away4 weeks ago and that tattoo means a lot to me. I also have my mothers portrait on my other thigh(she’s my pride and my motivation). Some of my other tattoos are my favorite movie characters such as Jack & Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.

24: What’s the reaction you get from the average person that meets you for the first time and they see your tattoos?

Tatu Baby: I think now more than ever Tattoos have became more accepted. People meet me and admire my art and appreciate the quality.

24: Do you have any tattoos that you regret doing for reasons such as an ex-boyfriend’s name or something or a tattoo you wish came out a little better or you made sure to avoid those situations?

Tatu Baby: Yes, I definitely regret getting my ex-boyfriend name done. He wasn’t as special as I thought to even deserve to be on my body but you live and you learn. I’m never making that mistake again though.

24: Who actually does your tattoos and where do you get them done?

Tatu Baby: I’m a Tattoo Artist so the one’s I can reach, I actually do myself or my co-workers do the rest that I can’t do. I work at a shop in Miami,FL called Chicos Marked For Life.

24: If you had to choose only two of your tattoos that meant the most too you which would it be and why?

Tatu Baby: Definitely, the portrait of my cousin because she was a very special person and I hold her on my body forever. I also have a dead Love Bird on my neck that symbolizes strength. I got it done after I over came a very hard time in my life which I learned a lot from that situation.

24: How much money do you think you have spent so far on your tattoos?

Tatu Baby: Only a thousand because I get most of my work done by my friends but I paid for a portrait on my arm because it was done by an artist I admire a lot by the name of Shane O Neil.

24: I know you are also a Tattoo artist yourself so for any reader that wants to get some work done what’s the best way for them to hit you up?

Tatu Baby: You can check me out on Myspace at or by email as well as TATU-BABY@HOTMAIL.COM(serious inquires only).

24: Any last final words before we go?

Tatu Baby: Thank you Jay very much for the feature and I hope more people get inspired and go get a tattoo done. Don’t be scared to be you!

Photos By: MJ Flix