With the release of Nicki Minaj Highly anticipated solo debut “Pink Friday” dropping at midnight the her fans will be able to take a personal look into Nicki’s day to day life in her new documentary with MTV called “It’s My Time“. The documentary will air this coming Sunday on November.28th at 10pm. I’m sure this Nicki Minaj documentary will be similar to what MTV did with Drake which turned out perfect so I wouldn’t expect anything less from this project. Sometimes as listeners you rarely ever get to see the hard work your favorite artist actually do and what it truly takes to become a star, not to mention the pressure each artist goes through daily basis. So with a documentary like this everyone will get to not only see the High’s but the Low’s as well. So no matter what Nicki Minaj album “Pink Friday” sells, I personally think she has made such a mark that cannot be justified with numbers after making “Female Rap Artist“Relevant once again. An speaking of Drake, who has teamed up with Fuse TV for a live concert event airing this Wednesday, November.24th. The concert took place in New York City‘s Radio City Music Hall with a few special quest I’m sure. It looks like Young Money‘s brightest stars will definitely be shinning bright this week.

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