24: Introduce yourself to everyone and let them know where your representing?

Aglyonz: Well, I represent music, life, peace, love and unity. My music is music to bring a positive message. I speak about every day living good and bad conditions that are going on in the world today. I was Born in Miami,FL. I’m currently working with producer Miami Beat Wave.

24: I recently heard you on the work you did with Ghostwridah on his “In Love WIth My Future” album so tell me how did you two hook up and create these two great records such as “To Be In Love” & “Welcome to Goodbye“?

Aglyonz: It’s crazy how it all came together. A good friend of mine introduced me to producer Brandan Toledo from Miami Beat Wave and he said he had a song to try me out on. The song was my brother GhostWridah record featuring Smitty. The vibe was great but I didn’t meet ghost that night. I recorded the joint and a couple days later got in contact with GhostWridah and he loved it. He wanted to meet me so we get together and  met up at Miami Beat Wave studio. He mentions to me about this  project he’s working on called In Love With My Future. Ghostwridah has that Vision/Love for music and I became a fan of his music. Weeks later we got in the studio with an open mind and let the beat run. Bringing that vibe to life and the rest is history! The album is massive and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. I will definitely be working with some future projects with GhostWridah so stay tuned.

24: What would you say your bringing to the music world with your style and sound?

Aglyonz: Good music! A lot of people tell me my style is more of a fusion or a mix of Reggae. I call it Roots Hip-Hop. I bring that culture into the music. I like acoustic guitars mixed with some hand percussion. that type of vibe or some Hip-Hop beats with Reggae, Neo Soul type of feeling. I’m working on my first album which is more of a street album. It’s a called “Live Free” and it’s produced ,recorded and mixed by Miami Beat Wave. It will be dropping real soon but I don’t have a date just as yet. It will be worth the wait so stay tuned.

24: Would you also say that separates you form a lot of other artist?

Aglyonz: I must say I never really think about that. I do music for me and what I feel people will know in time and let the listeners make there own judgment. All I can say is you need to hear my music. It’s good for the soul.

24: Who were some of your musical influences growing up?

Aglyonz: Wow, that would be way too many artist to name but some of my favorite are The Roots, Rakim, Nas, Tribe Called Quest, Bob Marley as well as all of the Marley brothers. Not to mention Steel Pulse, Burning Spears, Sade, Erykah Badu, Culture, The Congos and all types of other music. Another one of my biggest influences was my Mother. My mother had a beautiful voice.

24: Who are some of the producers you have been working with to create that right sound to best fit you and what your trying to bring across in your music?

Aglyonz: Brandan Toledo, Chip Williams, Davincci,St.Larok, Low Key, Tony Cora and a good friend of mine Cheech which you will be hearing on the album. As well as myself because I write and produce all my music. In the house at Miami Beat Wave Studio‘s Brandan and Chip are really the minds that make this happen for me and help bring that to life.

24: At a time when the music industry is at an Up & Down state do you have more plans to just keep building up your buzz at this moment compared to looking for a Major Deal?

Aglyonz: I feel as an artist it’s important to stay balanced. Stay true to the art and  for the love of it. My main goal at this time is too hard work and bring good music to people and open up their ears more.

24: How can someone find out more about to and check out your music?

Aglyonz: They can check me out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Aglyonz to Myspace at www.myspace.com/Aglyonz and of course on Twitter www.twitter.com/Aglyonz. Not to mention at Miambeatwave.com, Reverbnation.com, Grooveshark.com, Djbooth.net, and Datpiff.com.

24: Is there anything you want to say to the readers?

Aglyonz: First I want to thank all my people that helped me from day one. Live Free Production and Miami Beat Wave Production. An thanks you to all of the readers please make sure you download the album “Live Free” that’s coming soon. It will be free to download. Love, life and seek the truth. Stay strong and keep moving! Stay tune to Dynas, album coming soon called the “Planet“. Be sure to download  GhostWridah‘s album In Love With My Future it’s a classic. Big up Jay Carter to 24HourHipHop.com and before I get my meditation on look out for Miami Beat Wave mixtape “Slight Modification“, Bless.

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