24: Introduce yourself to everyone and let them know where your representing?
ATG: What’s good world this is your  boy ATG the fresh new face of Hip-Hop and R&B. An I’m straight out of Miami, FL where I was born and raised.
24: What do you feel your bringing to the music world and what separates you from other up and coming artist?
ATG: I feel that I bring a lot to the music world because I rap as well as sing and I know some people are thinking “So What” but there aren’t that many rapper/singer artist in the game that are good at both and I’m one of the few exceptions so ask about me. What separates me from other up and coming artists is that I’m not afraid to make that kind of music that I want make and what I like to hear. Being and artist from Miami some people will automatically think that your music is going to be hood and that’s not the case with me. When I first started out in the music game I went the hood route and my boy Supa Nova told me “If you gonna be on some hood shit you better be living that life” and I wasn’t living that life so I just did me and not what people wanted me to be.
24: Who were some of your musical influences growing up as well as right now in the game?
ATG: Man there are so many to name because I Love Music and music has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. I just like great music and that’s what I strive for when I’m making my own music. To sum it up my influences in the game are those who have been doing this for years, still doing it, making great music, and are still relevant today.
24: Let’s talk about your single “Drunk Sex” which has a Pt.2 featuring C-Ride and Pt.3 featuring Kirby Maurier and how that record came about and when should the readers be expecting a video for that because the people are loving that record right now?
ATG: “Drunk Sex” was inspired by Jeremih’s “Birthday Sex”. Of course and after I heard it for the first time I was like damn that is one creative ass song but what if it were to be switched into “Drunk Sex“? So I went home produced the beat and the rest is history and now were on Part 3 with the lovely Kirby Maurier of Valholla Ent. As far as the video is concerned, I will be shooting a video for Part 3 soon after Valholla and my camp B2 Entertainment plan it out thoroughly because were going to make it a “Movie“! So be on the look out for that.

24: Tell about some the projects your currently working on?
ATG: Well, I just dropped my mixtape “Mr. Do It All” last September and now I’m working on my self titled EP which is going to drop sometime this spring/summer. I got another single out alongside “Drunk Sex” called “Light It Up” produced by my homie T-Nyce out of Toronto, Canada. I just put my producer hat back on and I’m working with a few local up and coming artists. Also be on the lookout for a track called “Freak” by an up and coming Songstress named LaudieJ produced by me and I’ve been working with Slip-N-Slide in house producer C-Tease as a songwriter as well.
24: If you had to name me one producer that who you would love to work with in the near future that you think would help bring you to a whole different level?

ATG: Man that’s a tough one but as of right now I would keep it local and say CP Hollywood because the records he producers be crazy and I think if he and I teamed up ya’ll would be getting some monster hit records out of me.
24: At a time when the music industry is at an Up & Down state do you have any plans of signing to a major or just keep building up your buzz at this moment?
ATG: I’m a student of the game literally and I say that because I study contracts and deal points. As an artist you have to know what you are going to be signing so I make it my business to stay educated on the Music and the Business. Right now I’m just building my buzz but if a Major deal came my way everything would have to look right on paper whether it be a “360 Deal” or not.
24: What should the readers look out for from you in 2010?
ATG: They should look out for the “Drunk Sex” Pt. 3 video as well as my EP and basically just look out for me in general because ATG is not just an artist “He’s A Brand” Lol.
24: How can someone find out more about to and check out your music?
ATG: One way is just by hitting me up on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/ATG305. Also you can just Google ATG along with any one of my song names and you can find me or just check out my Myspace page at www.Myspace.com/ATGB2B. and Youtube at Youtube.com/ATG305.
24: Is there anything you want to say to the readers?
ATG: Request my singles “Drunk Sex” and “Light It Up” on your local radio stations. Also Big shout out to all of Miami and everybody who supports me and my music. Special shout out to SlimJim of Fithly Riches Couture, the whole Jam Squad camp, B2 Upfront and Valholla Ent., Street Connect DJ’s, iBlog126.com and Rnbxclusive,com for their continuous support.