24hourhiphop.com sits down with upcoming rapper Bad Nuze. Bad Nuze talks to us about his current projects he has out along with info on upcoming projects. We also get insight into his life growing up, his musical influences and his backround. We also get to check out his new single “Fight”. Check out what our Next In Line Bad Nuze has to say in the interview below and let us know what you think!


24HHH:How did you come up with your Artist name? Tell us about it.

Bad Nuze: After going through a lot of different names as a kid, Bad Nuze stuck with me, I came up with it thinking opposite as Bad meaning Good and eventually became apart of my style, sound, and who I am.

24HHH:Where are you from, and what was it like growing up there?

Bad Nuze: I’m from Pasadena California and growing up there is just like any other inner city in America, You have to deal with the problems of society, but for me Pasadena is beautiful yet deceptive.. but all in all u can become anything you want coming from Pasadena Ca.

24HHH:Who were you raised by? Tell us your family situation. Got any brothers, sisters, or any siblings? Tell us about your childhood, and how it impacted your music?

Bad Nuze: A single mother, who did what she can to support me, raised me, I have many brothers and sisters but only know of 3, Which I think influenced me into making a more insightful brand of music.

Check out Bad Nuze- Fed Up (Feat. Butch Cassidy & Dra$tic Khalifa) (Audio)

24HHH:What age did you start making music?

Bad Nuze: I started rapping around 4yrs old, but didn’t start taking it serious and actually start making music till I was 8yrs old soon after I started a group with my neighbor called the Lil Rascals as I have gotten older and have become an adult I’ve been on a quest to become great.

24HHH:What inspired you to pursue making music?

Bad Nuze: I was inspired to pursue music by Hip Hop itself since I grew up in the golden eras of the 80’s and 90’s..I was born into hip-hop.

Check out Bad Nuze – High ft Bad Azz (Official Video)

24HHH:What artists/producers do you work with? Or rubbed shoulders with?

Bad Nuze: I’ve worked with a list of artists and producers, I’ve worked with Bad Azz form the DPG, Yung Nate, Rapper Big Pooh, Slim Tha Mobster, I-20, Butch Cassidy, Bobby Capri, Gerald Walker, and have rubbed shoulders with some of the hottest artist and producers out to date.

24HHH:What else you got coming out? New Album? or Mixtape/EP?

Bad Nuze: I just dropped my latest mix tape entitled “The Liez And Rumorz LP” via Audiomack, and will be looking to get back into the studio to start my next project soon…

Check out Bad Nuze The Liez And Rumorz [Mixtape]

24HHH:Tell us about your newest single “Fight”, how did you come up with that, share us the story?

Bad Nuze: My new single is entitled “Fight” and it features Rapper Big Pooh and it’s produced by Derelle Rideout Of Elusive Orchestra, The whole thing came about kind of unexpectedly, I already did the record and when i finished it I presented it to management and we decided to get someone on it and Rapper Big Pooh came to mind so we reached out to him and he agreed and the rest is history.

Check out Bad Nuze – Fight (Audio)

Bad Nuze: I’m currently open for shows and tour dates, We are currently putting together a promo tour to promote the latest project.

24HHH:What is the biggest thing to happen in your career?

Bad Nuze: I think the biggest thing that has happened to me to date was rocking The High Times B- Real (Cyprus Hill) Tribute with Bad Azz, B.O.B and Ty Dolla$…

24HHH:Where can people find you? 

Bad Nuze: People can find me via Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Vevo,

Check out Bad Nuze- Make A Way (Official Video)

24HHH:Where do you see yourself going in 2014 and how do you plan to separate yourself from the other artist out today to get the recognition you feel you deserve?

Bad Nuze: I see myself in 2014 on tour spreading this Renagade God Music, and i think by being myself and not conforming will separate me from the other artists out today.

24HHH: Any last words or shout outs?

Bad Nuze: I want send a shout out to my family and friends for holding me down.. Sorry no names don’t want leave anybody out, and a special s/o to Benjaman Music Mgmt for truly believing in me.. R.I.P MeMe and Uncle June Bugg.