If you wanna do big things, it has to start on the inside.
South Miami repper Big Mall has taken this concept to the limit. After years of
grinding it out on the local Miami music scene Mall has linked up with Southern
powerhouse  Boss Man Ent. and is finally
getting the chance to bring his words to the world. Mall recently sat down with
24 and let us in on how on he’s living these days.

24: Let the people know who they dealin with today sir.

Big Mall: You already know this the realest they come Mr.
Big Mall. I represent Dade County and Boss Man Ent. 

24: Now your name’s been buzzing in the streets for a minute
now but when exactly did you start doing music?

Big Mall: Well really I been writing and making music since
about the sixth grade.  Sixth grade
summer, I picked up the pen. I was the nigga in my class when the teacher would
walk out the room,  I’m beatin on the
table havin the whole class rockin like a club. So I been doin this for a
minute, this what a nigga do feel me.

24: What made you want to start writing?

Big Mall: The day I got my own official copy of Based On A
True Story by T Double (Trick Daddy). When I seen that nigga really made an
album and made it out the same hallways that I walked. A nigga could really
make it out and succeed coming from Goulds and from Southwest Dade County.  So I just took it in as a shorty like off
pickin up a pen and a paper and sayin some rhymes and shit? If that nigga could
do it then Big Mall could do it.

24: I dig that. So the name Big Mall, explain it.

Big Mall: I like to do it big. Whether it’s goin to the club
or vacations or chillin with the family. Whatever it is I like to do it big. i
always been a life of the party type ass nigga. I pretty much been on my shit
the whole way. This not no image that a label put on me, I’m a real street
nigga. I make music from the heart and I go hard at everything I do. Big Mall.

24: What are people gonna get what they put in your CD?

Big Mall: Your gonna get the truth. I’m trying to be the
voice of that young nigga who didn’t have an old boy, whose mama wasn’t shit,
sold her pussy and snorted drugs in front of him ya feel me. But that nigga
still held it down and became the man of the house at age 6 ya know what I’m
sayin. Also be the voice of the little girl who was raised in an unfit home.  Who was raped by her uncle or this nigga or
that nigga. Ya know I try to give them a chance to talk. So when you feel the
shit that I’m sayin I be so inspired by that.

24:So are you more trying to reach and teach than just

Big Mall: Yeah I’m trying to be the next role model. Im tryna
show muthafuckas basically you can come out the hood, live this hood life but
still become corporate at the same time. Have a business mentality.  Show that you are a mature African American. I’m
not in it for the ignorance or the beefin with another nigga or none of that. I’m
here to talk numbers.

24: So you reppin Boss Man Ent. How long have you been on
the label and how did that come about?

Big Mall: I been with the label 10 months, but I been in
this music shit for a minute. I used to be with Dunk Ryder Records for about 2 ½
years. Business situations kinda landed me over here at Boss Man Entertainment.
Yella (Boss Man Ent. CEO) heard about me through the streets, hit me up. We linked
up, and it’s history.

24: And what was it that you were looking for with your new situation
over there?

Big Mall: Well I’m in the studio ya know. I told him I don’t
want no advance, just let me get my own workplace, my own producers and all
that other shit gon come ya feel me. Now I got my own studio, got over a
hundred songs, got three albums ready, still workin. Just doin my thang ya feel

24: So tell us about the album, singles and all that

Big Mall: Recession Proof. The new single “Dade County”, I got
my nigga JT money, one of my inspirations. He blessed the record, I got
Monterey Jack on there, he my label mate.  Another one we got is “Point Of The Matter”. It’s
something the ladies and gentlemen could feel. A nigga could relate to it in
his relationship and a female could relate to it in her relationship.

24: What’s your biggest challenge in this game?

Big Mall: Tryin to stay out of trouble. When I leave here, I
go straight back to the hood. So I try to stay out the streets, not affiliate
with certain niggas. I believe I can accomplish what I want to accomplish, I can
look up and grab that dream.  I just keep
faith feel me.

24:  Okay I can
definitely feel that. Tell me what the next five years are going to be like for
Big Mall.

Big Mall: I’m 22 today. In five years I’m gonna have my own
house paid for, my mama gon be straight. I ain’t got no kids so that’s my goal,
to get my mama straight. I see myself grasping my goals, being in the
spotlight. Should have a family, a nice little chick at the crib. Living life
stress free feel me.

24:  Well Mall we
appreciate you sitting down with us today and letting us see how you and Boss
Man Ent. are doing your thing. Give us some last words and shout outs.

Big Mall: Well just know we getting it in, every 1st
and 15th checks get cut around here. I aint hurtin’ for shit but I’m
tryin to get everything. Shouts out to Yella, shouts out to Monterey Jack that’s
my nigga. G Town what it is, Cutler Manor projects, I am that nigga man.  Check me out at Bossmaninc.com, youlisten305.com, twitter.com/305bigmall,youtube.com/305bigmall,facebook.com/bigmall,mallsworld@gmail.com