24: You created quite a buzz for yourself with your “Finally Famous” mixtapes but I wanted to start off the interview by going back to the beginning for a minute and let the readers know how you linked up with Kanye West which lead him to signing you on to G.O.O.D. Music?

Big Sean: It’s actually a crazy story. Back in Detroit I was heavy on the local scene and I would go to open mic’s and do a lot of shows etc. Very Friday at the radio station I would do a show called the Friday Night Cypher where a bunch of rappers would battle each other and if you won you would get to go on the radio and rap. So through being active with my career I developed good relationships with different people and the radio station. At the time I was in high school I was in my senior year. Kanye was in town promoting his album which was Late Registration and I had been over at the radio station the night before for the Friday Night Cypher. My homie calls me because I was at the bank at the time cashing a 100.00 check. I use to do telemarketing I was one of the worst jobs ever(lol). But anyway my boy calls and he’s like man your listening to the radio and I’m like no what’s good? He’s like Kanye down their at the station you should go down their and spit for him and he’ll sign you. So just off of that whole idea I went for it. Luckily one of my friends let me borough 20.00 to get down to the station because I ended up getting off the line at the bank and not cashing my check. Once I got to the station they let me in because I had such a good relationship with them already. When I got their Kanye wasn’t really trying to hear me because he was leaving and in a rush but he told you know man your my hero you should let me just spit a 16 for you. He was like I’m in a hurry but you can spit the 16 as we walk out the station. I’m like alright cool and that 16 bars ended up being like 10 minutes and that’s really just how I got his attention. At the time I had a CD out that I was passing out around school and I gave that to him. Later on he actually mention to me that he listened to that CD I gave him for the rest of that day. Then over the years we would send music back and fourth to each and than the deal finally came through. He said he wanted to sign me to G.O.O.D. Music!

24: Going into making this album did you feel any pressure because I know any artist would be amazed to even work with Kanye West but he actually has to review your music before it comes out and I know he’s such a huge critic of his own music so I could only imagine he’s the same way about his artist music?

Big Sean: Yeah, I’m not even going to lie man it’s nerve-wracking. But you almost have to remind yourself why you are their and his critiques or him being hard on you will only make you a better artist and makes your music that much better. If it wasn’t for him I would be have the rapper I am today.

24: Speaking of your album what should the music world be expecting from Big Sean on this album?

Big Sean: Just really music they can live too. Big, big songs and hit records but stuff that still relates to you such as relationships and being broke and getting money and living out yours dreams as well as the good life. Coming from Detroit I also touched on the street side as well on this album. An I haven’t really touched on that before so I’m anxious to see how the people respond to that.

24: Who did you work with on the album as far as production and features go?

Big Sean: Man, I had the opportunity to work with some real G’s man. Of course Kanye did a few, No ID did the majority which turned about to seven records, Pharrell did one and Wright Trax did a couple. My homie Filthy Rockwell did one and it’s a few new producers I worked with also. But like I said No ID the majority and Kanye did the bulk of it. An I’m just bless man because these dudes are real producers they just don’t give you a beat and let you rap over it. They really break down things and give you the perfect beginning or that perfect ending musically. So if the album sucks it’s because of me, not because of the production. They really took this album to another level!

24: Is there anyone you really want to work with that might not have made this album but your looking forward to doing a collaboration with them on your next album?

Big Sean: Man, it’s so many people I didn’t get the chance to work with but you never know because anything can happen at the last minute but I really want to work with Eminem. I didn’t want to do too many features because I feel like it takes away the feel of an album so I went with artist that actually helped the tone of each record if their was a feature. Such as the record I have with Rick Ross, that song really sits things off and the vibe was perfect.

24: How would you describe your Fashion Style because your definitely at the top when it comes to Music & Fashion and do you still model for Bape?

Big Sean: I’m cool with the company Bape on a personal level and I did a catalog for them but I’m not like a Bape model or nothing. I model for LRG and a whole lot of clothing companies. But as far as this fashion goes I’m about to take it to another level. I’ll be doing a few different things and taking my style I have already and expanding on it. I’m planing on killing this game on all levels and all angle’s. I’m a trendsetter and I’m going to really show that when this album drops.

24: From your experience so far in the music industry what advice would you give to up and coming artist?

Big Sean: You can’t really give a fuck what others say. You know what’s right and what’s wrong. You know what’s G and What’s not. If you got open mic’s around your crib or you can go freestyle at your local radios stations go do it.

24: Years from now when people look back on your career what do you want the music world to say you brought to the game?

Big Sean: I want them to say Big Sean brought style. I want them to say I brought that quality music. I want to set trends. I’m really that Detroit Player. If you go back to listen to some of the most classic raps you always hear about them “Detroit Players” in their raps. I want to be remembered as bringing those few rap styles to the game or those new fashion styles. Just being that cool nigga.

24: What’s the best way for everyone to keep up to date with everything that’s going on with Big Sean?

Big Sean: Everyone can reach out to me on Twitter it’s www.twitter.com/Big_Sean and I have a Blog where I put up my music to new videos and what I think is cool at www.uknowbigsean.com. I’m on everything from Twitter to Facebook and Youtube so just look me up.

24: Any final words you want to leave the readers with?

Big Sean: Finally Famous 3 with Don Cannon is out now. Stay Tuned I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Finally Famous 3 Mixtape Download:http://www.sendspace.com/file/g3gi75

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