The title says it all. B.O. has been doing his thing for
years and now feels it is his time to take his music to a national level. Speaking
to the have-nots B.O. sat down with us and let us know why he’s next in line.


24: Introduce yourself to all of our readers my man.


B.O.: This dat boy B.O.


24: How long have you been doing music?


B.O.: Since I been in like junior high somewhere around 13
or 14.


24: What made you wanna get into it?


B.O.: Well one day a nigga was just fuckin around
freestyling and my dog told me like damn boy that shit sound good. So after
that I just started goin in trying to write something and after I found that I
could do that it made me think I could really do this for the street niggas.


24: So that’s who your music is for?


B.O.: Yeah that’s where I’m from ya feel me. My music is
about the struggle. The nigga who down bad who out there tryin to get it. If
you a street nigga then you can relate to my music more than anything. I don’t
do it for people who already on and already successful. I do it for niggas who
struggling feel me. Cause if I don’t do it, I don’t know who will. I don’t
wanna talk about the shit that I got, I wanna talk about the shit that I wanna


24: What’s up with the name?


B.O.: Well when I was growing up a lot of older niggas
called me Big O. But me and my boys we just abbreviated it and made it B.O.


24: Now the area your from of Southwest
hasn’t gotten much exposure. Tell us about what it’s like
out there.


B.O.: A lot of people say we country. It ain’t been exposed
yet but it’s really hard down here. Shit grimy and slimy. Bitches is cutthroat,
ya gotta get over or get fucked ya feel me. I’m from Richmond Heights.
A lot of niggas from the Heights got on and then fell off so I’ma be that nigga
who put on for everybody. Cause niggas ain’t doin it right. Nobody getting


24: What should people be looking out for from you?


B.O.: Got my mixtape out there now called Biggest Nigga In
The City. Got my single out called “Tell Me That”.


24: What do you want out of your career?


B.O.: I just want to be wealthy. I wanna be able to sit back
and be like damn I did that. I wanna make sure my son straight, my daughter
straight, my family. I want everybody comfortable at the end of the day.


24: Alright B.O. give us some last words.


B.O.: Ya’ll look out for the compilation album coming soon.
Mixtape out in the streets. Basically ya’ll just look out for B.O. shout out to
my hood Richmond Heights. Shout out to my city. I promise
ya I’m putting on for ya’ll man. I’m that nigga.