Years ago Lil Brianna surfaced onto the scene as the adorable ‘Kandi Girl’ on Trina’s album, ‘Diamond Princess.’ Soon after, Missy Elliott took notice to her and she became a young star in the Hip-Hop industry under the wings of the best. Being in the game from a very young age has taught her the ins and outs of the industry, grooming her to the mature, classy, sophisticated young lady that she is now. Everything from her stage presence to her lyrics has matured on a major level. Lately, the Princess of the South is keeping her celebrity status amongst the fans in Miami and practically the whole industry, staying busy hosting shows, performing, and even appearing in videos with her elder Poe Boy brethren. Brianna is virtually the voice of the younger generation and as her career further blossoms; her loyal fans will always follow.

This is the second exclusive interview with the more mature Brianna; Lil is not even a part of her stage moniker anymore. And as she grows older, her music will grow with her. As of now she has the backing of the whole Poe Boy family behind her, so you know she’s definitely here to stay, making major moves on a higher playing field. I re-introduce you to Miami’s one and only, Brianna. Let her tell you what she’s been up to lately in her busy world.

24: How has everything been with the now all grown up Lil Brianna since the last time we talked?

Brianna: It’s been crazy; I mean it’s been incredible I’ve been working on my new project. I’ve grown as an artist and I’m just ready to hit them hard.

24: The fans got a chance to delve into your past and now the more sophisticated Brianna has a more mature side to her, what is going on with the Princess of the South presently that you would like to talk about?

Brianna: Well, I’ve simply just matured and I have my new single dropping called ‘Duh!.’ I’m 16 now and I think I’ve just grown as an artist and as an individual and I’m just showing that right now with my music.

24: It’s been quite obvious that you’ve been in the studio on a heavy rotation this past couple of months; as a matter of fact we have a few of your tracks on with good numbers, would you say your music has advanced?

Brianna: Yes, definitely from when I started, like I said, I’ve matured as an artist I just been in the studio hard working. I have the joint ‘Fast Lane’ on 24hourhiphop and I received a lot of responses on that a lot of good feedback, you know just talking about people living in the fast lanes. So yeah I definitely have matured.

24: Your mixtape ‘Princess of Miami’ has graced the streets and has gotten a lot of good responses, what would you say were your key tracks on there and why?

Brianna: Oh my key tracks, all of them. I put my all into everything that I do, I give a hundred and fifty percent every time, so definitely all of the tracks you can play the whole mixtape and vibe.

24: With the mixtape now aside, when will we finally see a debut album grace the world?

Brianna: I’m working on my highly anticipated debut album entitled ‘Girl Talk.’ The first single ‘Duh!’ will be hitting the streets in the upcoming weeks. It’s going to be an anthem for all the girls around the world, it’s going to be crazy.

24: I think you’ve been in the industry quite long enough to answer some Hip-Hop political questions, as we all are aware, the industry has been drastically altering as more and more artists are conforming to society, what part are you taking in assisting Hip-Hop’s leisure decline?

Brianna: I’m just going in and giving it my all every time I do it I’m really trying to be a positive face for Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop has definitely grown and I’m just trying to help it get even bigger.

24: Keeping with the same subject, they say that Hip-Hop isn’t selling how it use to because of the increase in downloads of full studio albums, would you say any of this is true?

Brianna: It’s true you know the bootlegging is insane right now. The key is to try and make music that gives a large following and a dedicated fan base, you have to make them love you and if they love you enough they go out and purchase your CD on that Tuesday.

24: It is evident that you have become a celebrity all over Miami, hosting shows, making video cameos, and has also graced the stage with the major artists, what is next for the grown Kandi Girl?

Brianna: You already know I’m going hard in the streets. ‘Duh!’ is a major issue and I got the whole Poe Boy family riding with me, plus I’m about to star in a movie. I got shows in the South, up North, and on the West side. So you know I’m working. E-Class says he got me and I believe him. At the end of the day, I’m working, so I know I’m blessed.

24: Before we close out, there are rumors circulating that you have been officially signed to the Poe Boy imprint, can you shed some light on that situation for us?

Brianna: I’m going to let you know that Poe Boy is family and Poe Boy has always been home for me ever since I started they helped to nurture me as I’m growing as an artist. Poe Boy is family and Poe Boy is home that’s what I’m going to say.

24: Thank you for providing with this long overdue follow up, do you have any last words for new and future fans? Shout Outs?

Brianna: Just look out for Brianna hit me up on myspace, ‘Duh!,’ call up your local radio stations to request it, it’s crazy. Look out for me and any upcoming shows because I’m working, I’m grinding and just keep supporting me and holding me down. Shout outs to Young Rich Bandit, Loose Change, the whole Poe Boy family, DJ Khaled the whole Miami, everybody who showed me love.