“I Got Next”

24: Introduce yourself to our readers

Cardiak: Yo what’s up this yah boy Cardiak Music Producer Reppin Jersey……
Flat line!

 24: So how did you get into Producing?


Cardiak: I got into producing a few years back. I’m actually also an
artist’s so  that’s how it came about  producing I needed beats so I learned
how to produce over time I got better and better and better and just got
really good at it now I’ve created my own sounds and happy to be in the
place I’m in.

 24: So who where some of your influences coming up?


Cardiak: I’d have to say Timbaland, Just Blaze, Dr DRE, The Runners and
Polow Da Don. Really anything that catches my ear personally my style is
aggressive, I’m RUGGED I like the drums mixed with the snares and
Horrid Synth Melodies.




24: Who have you had the chance to work with and producer for?




Cardiak: Ace Hood, Lloyd Banks, Freeway, Joe Budden, Lil Twist, Havoc, Capone, Lola Monroe and a mess of others.



24: What do you say to an artist who asks for free beats?




Cardiak: It honestly depends on the situation of the artist. I’m not a producer that’s going to charge a million dollars for a track. If I see that you are grinding and I feel I can benefit from it then we can work something out.



24: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment thus far?

Cardiak: I’d have to say Getting my First major placement Ace Hood Ft
Ballgreezy”About  Me” on Ace Hoods Album “Ruthless”

 24: What future goals do you in vision for yourself?


Cardiak: My # 1 Goal is to make the Billboard At least 5 times next year


24: What are your most recent projects within the last month?


Cardiak : Ace Hood – Street Certified #14, Lil Twist – Class President #7, Mike Knox – Let It Rock (remix) Ft. Beanie Sigel, and Havoc – From Now On #’s 2, 4, and 15
24: What is you’re current state. Are you unsigned are you in a team being managed etc?



Cardiak: I am currently managed by MixMonstarz Mgmt. Shout out to DJ Streets and Complex


24: What’s next for Cardiak?


Cardiak: No Free Beatz (The Album)!!!
The Compilation album that includes established artist such as Joe Budden, Ace Hood, Freeway, and other artist I’ve worked with thus far, also up and coming artist from the Tri State Area. So be on the look out for that!!!!!!

 24: Before we check out let the world know where they can check you out and holla at
you for production etc….

Cardiak : Check out my MySpace at Myspace.com/hartfeltbeats and you can reach me through there or at monstarzmgmt@gmail.com and Follow me @ twitter.com/cardiakflatline
Mixmonstarz/Monstarz Mgmt./Bang Charts/Gangstaclik D-Block
DJ Streets
dj.streets@gmail.com (For all MP3’s)