24: For those who don’t know of you please tell the readers about yourself.

Case: I started honestly back in school. In middle school I started writing poetry first and it turned into music, I started putting it to beats and that’s how it all went down. I’ve been doing this for five/six years and I’m only 18 now.

24: Did you always know you wanted to be a rap artist?

Case: Yeah because you can express so much things through music. Anything from your deepest pain to your happiest time in your life.

24: Tell me about your style?

Case: I feel like I can be a lyricist kind of like Common or tap into something more edgy like Tupac. I feel I can be like Tupac because I can get on some hard sh*t. I just talk about the things I’ve seen what I’ve been though myself … what I had to go through in life

24: Who did you grow up  listening too and who would you say you admire the most?

Case: Tupac, he would talk about things so close to someone’s heart and really connect with the people and that’s what you need to do in your music. That’s what create sales and what people enjoy.

24: What are your plans for the future?

Case: The plan is to keep dropping mix tapes and trying to get as much promotion as I can. I currently am staying in Oklahoma but I’m originally from Broward and hopefully in a couple of years I can go back and get it on down there and spread my music. I got fans in Indiana, Texas and Cali but home is where it’s at. If you can’t get love at home… if can’t go back home you can’t go nowhere.

24: How many mix tapes do you have out right now?

Case: There’s about five. Menthol Muzic, Broward Boi, Authentic, Reality Check, and I’m bout to drop Show No Lws2qsaove I get about a 1000 downloads on each one so I’m trying.

24: How do you feel about the artists today?

Case: I feel like it’s a bunch of bullsh*t. I feel like people aint putting out real music …mainly dance or people are just trying to be like Lil Wayne and everybody is copying. That sh*t aint cool. I mean get your own style. And that’s how I feel. There are a few people who are putting out real music.

24: Like who?

Case: I’m feeling most of the Florida artists. Like Iceberg and Brisco, I feel like they are putting out real music they’re real lyricists and that’s mostly what I listen to just straight South Florida music. From Flo Rida to Iceberg to Brisco.. That’s who I like.

24: There’s a lot of competition today. Everyone wants to be a rapper. What set’s you apart?

Case: I feel like I have more determination and more heart for it. Most people say ‘yeah I rap’ but they’re not into it like how I’m into it. I put every bit of myself into it. I work on my craft daily. If I’m not out making money I’m sitting here writing.

24: What label are you feeling?

Case: I could see myself with Poe Boy or Slip N Slide. I feel they will understand you more and I feel like they will work with you more and let you do what you want and not try and control everything you do. That’s where I think everyone else is f*ucking up because they’re letting big labels control everything they put out. Independent labels are able to let you put your own sh*t out .I’ m Florida born Florida raised. I mean I love Florida.

24: Who would you like work with maybe in the future?

Case: I would love to work with Trick and Boosie to me those are one of the realest artists out there. I would like to work with Jay Z as well  when he dropped DOA he was like everyone is trying to hop on auto tune and I’m not trying to hop on that same train.

24: How do you feel about auto tune?

Case: I mean Lil Wayne, T-Pain, and Kanye  it’s all good for them but everyone else… I dunno it just doesn’t sound right.

24: How do you feel about the female rap game?

Case: I got complete respect for that. Whatever they wanna do is good. We need that female perspective in the rap game. Its male dominated and we need that different flavor like Trina and everyone else.

24: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?                                                                             

Case: Hopefully a platinum selling artist. I wanna be able to give my mom and my brothers everything and live good! That’s what I wanna do. I wanna sell out shows!

24: How can we find your music?

Case: You can find me on myspace.com/case954. Or email me caseent954@yahoo.com hit me up for anything. You can find my mix tapes @: http://www.zshare.net/download/76458427501a7969/

24: What do you want to tell fans and up-and-coming fans?

Case: Check me out. I’m coming with real sh*t…How I’m really feeling .. what’s really going on from struggling to hustling from everything that you can cover in music. Listen to me and give me a shot everyone will like what they hear. I’m Case I’m from Broward and I love music I put everything into it. It’s some of the realest sh*it you’re ever going to listen to. I Don’t bullsh*t… I don’t lie. I wouldn’t put it in my music if it wasn’t the truth.

Checkout Out Case’s Latest Mixtape: http://www.zshare.net/download/790179889885f98a/