Tell 24hourhiphop readers about Certified.

For every body that don’t know me I go by the name certified I’m a local artist right now trying to make it.. I come from down south Florida. Pompano Beach and so far it’s like it’s kinda hard right now tryna find way out. But sooner or later I’m hoping somebody will look out for me.. I got hit singles coming..

Did you always know you wanted to be a rapper?

Yea yea..ever since I was six-years-old started of making little rhymes in my books ans stuff looking at soulja slim, c-murder.. people like that… Tupac.. they inspired me.. ever since then I’ve wanted to be a rapper.

Do you remember when you first wrote your first rap?

Yea I remember, it was when I was in the 5th grade I was listening to Tupac song ‘Dear Momma’ and I always wanted to make a song just like that and I just started writing and writing I didn’t know about bars and versus so I just went straight in … after that I went a studio a little homemade studio my homeboy had I remember I had recorded it. Since then people been telling me you got talent I should run with it and take it serious and ever since then growing up I been on it since.

Did you have a lot of support?

Yea from family and friends.. they supported me but they told me it’s not that easy its tough you gotta go out there and strive for it. Aint nobody gonna give you a helping hand you gotta go out there and get it yourself. Ever since then I already knew what time it was.

Describe your style. What sets you apart from other artists?

Im trying to bring out a different style. ‘Im not tryna say everybody sound alike but I wanna bring out something that not everybody has heard. I got a street style…I wanna bring that out but I wanna also bring out a more realistic old hip-hop…real rap.. that’s the kind of style I wanna bring back out.

What’s coming up for you?

Right now im working on my mix tape I got a cd coming out soon. Ive got a hit single that im working on.. ‘On My Grind’…you should be looking out for that real soon. But Im just focused on writing Im trying to make more songs day by day.

Talk about the artists that have inspired you.

Tupcac and C-Murder.. the reason why they inspired me because their real. They talk about everyday life that you go through. It’s not no made man stuff.. it’s not seeing other artists doing this and they wanna be like them and then they rap about it. It’s coming straight from their heart and where they come from they talk about everything that they been through or saw that’s why they inspired me.. that’s what type of music I wanna make. I don’t wanna do what other people have done or what other people have been though.

What artists do you like right now?

Brisco is one of them. He’s a real rapper I f*ck with him…Wayne doing his thing right now even though he changed his whole rap style  I fool with Lil Wayne right now too….Boosie is another one.

Where do see yourself in the next 10 years?

Living wealthy.. Like I’m there.. sitting there like I made it. Hopefully.. matter of fact that’s where I’m gonna be in the next 10 years.

Do you see yourself working with anybody?

I like Def Jam, Poe Boy, Interscope.. all of them.. ill take anyone.

How do you feel about the female rappers today?

They doing they thing.. Trina she bounced back I feel her music…Jackie O to me is still one of the realest females rappers alive so I fool with her and Nicki Minaj her name just speaks for herself.

What don’t you like about artists of today?

Some artist are one hit wonders.. one minute you might hear their song and the next minute you don’t see them… you don’t hear from them no more. They’re not hungry enough.. This thing is not an everyday thing. Once you get an opportunity, once you get signed and somebody has seen you and you make a one hit wonder you suppose to have kept going.. back to back, back to back, back to back striving for your dreams.

What do you feel about record labels molding rappers into what they want you to be?

Stay true to yourself. Some people when they come out they don’t do it to their full authority. That’s way some people want to change you and be on you and let you know that you gotta do this …that you gotta do that …that you have to change this …you have to change that and you can take that and sometimes they’re telling you for your own good and you can take that run with it but to me you have to stay true to yourself.

Tell the readers something they don’t know about you.

For yall who don’t know I’m a real hungry individual. I wanna make it someday. Love this music I wake up everyday .. eat, sleep, and breathe this music and for ya’ll who don’t know I’m a hard fighter.  I strive for what I want.  People should listen to me because I’m coming out of the down south and I want ya’ll to listen to my life story.. what I been through. Take a chance listen to me you will understand where I’m coming from.