24: Introduce yourself to
the other side of the world that might not be familiar with you just yet


CB: My name is Chalie Boy
aka “The Versatyle Child”… Im From Hearne and Calvert, Texas and
I’ve been in the rap game for 10 years now…I built a name for myself in the
Texas underground music scene for years, and now, with the success of my national
single, I Look Good, I’ve managed to reach a national level.


24: How long have you been
in the music business for?


CB: Like I said, I’ve been
in the game for 10 years now… I started in 2000 with DJ Bull, Dirty 3rd
Records and a group called The Freestyle Kingz, just working my way
through the underground mixtape scene in Texas. I have over 200 mixtape
appearances, to along with 13 solo mixtapes, so I’v
e been on the scene for a
good while.


24: Tell me a about your
first Mix tape “Makin My Way” which sold 20,000 units?


CB: Well, at that point I
had been on several mixtapes and group projects, but that was my actual first
release as a solo artist…It was very gratifying to see my first solo attempt
received so well from my fanbase…It really helped me solidify my spot as a
solo artist, which was always my goal.


24: Define your music
style I am aware you rap but also mix the singing into it as well.


CB: Yeah, I actually was a
singer first, pretty much all my younger years growing up in the church…I
didnt actually start rapping until 2000 when I joined Dirty 3rd Records…I
kinda fused my singing with rapping, much like Nate Dogg and Houston
legend, Big Moe….They were both very influential in how I came up with my
style. Now I do it all…rap, sing and a hybrid of both….And I try to create
many types of songs, including slow jams, club songs and everything in



24: Who are some of the
Artist’s that have inspired your music career?


CB: I’m inspired by a wide
range of artists…On the rap side, artists like UGK and Outkast have really
motivated me over the years to work on my craft…As far as R&B, Luther and
Gerald Levert, artists like that have inspired me quite a bit.


24: Your latest single “I
look good” has been blowing up the radio stations across the map. The video is
featured on all Major networks such as BET, MTV, MTV JAMS etc tell me a bit
about the record and the video.


CB: Well, it started off
as an independent record, we were really shooting for the Texas clubs, because
that is kinda where music is now, more uptempo …You gotta get into the clubs
first. My engineer Jmark brought me the beat, and I started brainstorming…I
just said “I Look Good” and he said lets roll with that…I really
just name dropped alot of well known clothing lines, that pretty much everyone
can realate to…It was really just a song that was aimed at all people,
everyone should feel like they look good, regardless of color, size,
age…everyone should be empowered in that way…It took off in Texas and other
southern markets…The majors started calling and in September of 2009, we
signed a deal with Battery/Jive records, and it went nationwide…It’s really
been a good experience for me, for all my hard work to have paid off in this
way. I’m really excited about what’s to come.


24: Do you feel it is your
responsibility to hold the torch and represent for Texas?



CB: I definitely feel like
I need to do my part and represent for my state, and it is an honor to do
that…But, there are still other Texas artists that are doing their thing and
more up and coming artists that are gonna hold us down also…I’m excited about
the new wave of Texas artists.


24: How do you feel about
the current state of music coming out of Texas?



CB: I’m excited about it,
because younger artists have their opportunity to influence the game their own
unique way…I think everything is a cycle, everyone has their time and music
is ever changing…In ’04/’05 Houston was killin it with the slowed down/slab
music and now its the Dallas/Ft. Worth influenced boogie music that is really
killing the clubs. I embrace it all and I think it’s all very necessary for us
to continue to evolve.


24: You recently signed a
huge deal Battery/Jive Records tell how that came about and how it feels to be
apart of a label that has had successful acts in the past and now with you?


CB: Truthfully, it feels
real good to be in a situation where my hardwork and talent can be seen and
appreciated on a national level…My label, Dirty 3rd Records, and I have
always taken pride in how hard we work and it’s been an uphill climb, but
we finally are in a position to really make some major moves. The Battery/Jive
Team has provided alot of support and I’m very appreciative for the
opportunity they’ve given me to showcase my talent nationally. 


Before we conclude this
interview, tell all our readers online and around the world where they can stay
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CB: my all original,
street album/mixtape entitled “I’m Here” is available online for free
download, so yall pick that up… hit ya boy up on my site, chalieboy.net , twitter.com/d3chalieboy , myspace.com/chalieboy and you can
purchase any of my cds at dirty3rdstore.com orchalietunes.com …. i appreciate all
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the love.